Warden was flying Spitfire Vb W3422 when he was killed

Noel Proctor Warden was killed on October 1, 1941. He is the second pilot on the left.

John Engelsted added this comment on this blog.

Warden was flying Spitfire Vb W3422 when he was killed.

Why am I telling you all this…?

Because someone else wrote me about this same picture. He is the nephew of the pilot on the right, Jean Demozay.

Jean Demozay survived the war but was killed in a plane crash in December 1945.

Dennis Connolly knew him well. Before I met Dennis Connolly at the presentation of Marc-André Valiquette’s and Richard Girouard’s book, I knew nothing about 91 Squadron or about Jean Demozay a Free French pilot who is a legend.

After evading France in June 1940, Jean Demozay joined the RAF and flew Hurricanes with No 1 and No 242 Squadron before joining No 91 “Nigeria” Squadron from July 1941 to February 1942. During this period he scored 11 aerial victories, mostly with Spitfire Mk Vb W3122. He returned to No 91 Squadron as Commanding Officer from July to December 1942, scoring several other kills. His total tally is 21 confirmed and 2 probable aerial victories. He was killed in a flying accident in 1945.

Click here for the source of this painting

Of course I knew nothing about Dennis Connolly who I will meet tomorrow for the second time. If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here.

5 thoughts on “Warden was flying Spitfire Vb W3422 when he was killed

  1. I am interested in Spitfire Vb R7290 in which P.O. N Warden may/may not have been killed. That particular aircraft was donated by William and Harold Cook from Donington Lincolnshire hence the name Donintonian. I know their daughter who is now in her 80s now and always believed that it was Warden who flew the aircraft. Do you have any particular information on this aircraft in particular Squadron, squadron markings, colour scheme and history? Their daughter still has the original plaque from the Ministry of Aircraft Production and out of the factory photograph etc.

  2. Thank you, I am particularily interested in s/n R7290 rather than P.O. N Warden. How can I find out details of the history of this aircraft I know it was used in 91 sqn.?

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