Georges Nadon and Van Sainsbury

Georges Nadon’s son André sent me this picture among others I will show you later.

Van Sainsbury

Georges Nadon (red circle) and Van Sainsbury (green circle)

Collection Georges Nadon via André Nadon

Georges Nadon has now his own blog, and he won’t be just a name on a group picture taken in March 1945 anymore.

403PetitBrogleMarch1945_0002 identification

Or a pilot behind a mask…

Georges Nadon 122 Squadron

source IWM


Dean Black commented on this picture…

Van Sainsbury

In the group photo, back row, far left is Mac Reeves. Third from left, back row, is Steve Butte with his eyes closes. Back row, far right, is a man named Ken Harvey. Ken’s nickname was “Red”. Ken arrived on 403 Squadron on 04 June 1944 and the first thing he said: “I’m really going to like this Squadron-they put my initials on all the airplanes!”