Dear Darryl,

I traveled to Seven Oaks, England in 2002, as the Commanding Officer 403 Squadron. I met Madeleine, and stayed at her house overnight. I had the pleasure of meeting all but one of her children, from her second marriage – to Squadron Leader Ken Campbell.

Madeleine’s husband Hank Duval, was flying alongside his Commanding Officer Ken Campbell, when they collided. Both went down, Duval died in the ensuing crash, and Campbell was captured by the Germans.

Three years later, after being liberated by the Americans at Stalag Luft VIIIB, Campbell traveled home, searched for Duval’s widow, Madeleine, and proposed to her. They lived happily ever after. I have shared a photo of Madeleine and her children, which I took during my visit.

Pierre Lagace is authorized to publish the photo, if he so chooses. Failing that, I can send it to you Darryl.

Dean Black, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired)

family picture

Jean Baptiste Normand Roy – Redux

Réjeanne Roy never met her father who died in 1943. She was only 5 months-old. She only had a small picture and her father’s precious logbook. Now I have received a large file from Archives Canada with her father’s service record in the RCAF. Jean Baptiste Normand Roy has been missing of the coast of Nova Scotia since with another pilot.

RCAF 128 (F) Squadron

The file on Jean Baptiste Normand Roy has arrived…

À la mémoire du
Lieutenant d’aviation
Jean Baptiste Normand Roy
décédé le 17 mai 1943

Service militaire :

Numéro matricule : J/20221
Âge :29
Force :Aviation militaire
Unité :Aviation royale du Canada
Division :128 Sqdn.

Renseignements additionnels :

Fils de Gaudiose et Albina Roy. Fils adoptif de M. et Mme Francis Landry, de Pointe-Verte, Nouveau-Brunswick. Époux de Marie Roy, de Pointe-Verte.

Cimetière :
MÉMORIAL D’OTTAWA; Ontario, Canada
Informations sur la sépulture :
Panel 2. Column 3.

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I hope Darryl is reading the comment section…

Dear Darryl

during 1941 your great uncle and my father Douglas Barker Crabtree (616 squadron) together with a French Canadian pilot Larry Robillard escaped from France, bringing back secret plans of ammunition and fuel dumps in the Pas de Calais area. The plans were written on a cigarette paper which I still have. The RAF later destroyed all the installations. They escaped via the famous Pat O’Leary line over the Pyrenees and had some very eventful times while on the escape.

Hank’s widow Madeleine is not in good health and lives in sheltered accommodation supported by her family. Let me have your contact details and I will happily give you further information.


Neil Crabtree



Dear Pierre

Please find pictures of the actual cigarette paper which was stored in the lining of a beret, picture blow ups of the same, and aerial photo of the area taken by Hurri Bomber.  I do have the combat report marked SECRET but it is quite faded now.

Hope this is of interest.


Neil Crabtree



Henry Percy Duval – Redux

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I write so people can find lost loved one.

We had very little information on Henry Percy Duval before the war.

Henry Percy Duval

Dean Black had sent this taken from the year album of McGill University. He had sent a painting done by someone at the former base where he was a commander.

Col Blacks picture

That painting was done by Robin S. McQueen

Henry Percy Duval was a Spitfire pilot with 403 Squadron.

Someone has just left a comment.

We now know much more about Henry Percy Duval.

Henry Percy Duval was my great-uncle. I grew up with his sister(my grandmother) so I was familiar with stories about Uncle Harry who was killed in the war. I knew he was a pilot but not much else. He looks a lot like my grandmother. Thank you for posting this.
Darryl Hunter
Los Angeles, CA