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Joe had this most interesting comment…

There are so many mistakes in this business … I have corrected hundreds since I started my site. Many relatives have corrected photos for me. Which I appreciate greatly.
Unfortunately, many official photos have the wrong names given… what can you do? Until family emails you and says “hey, that’s not my Dad!” or whatever.
So many it’s kind of strange. Lots of famous photos too. Which means that for many years people have been looking at pix of men that are misidentified. Its one of the reasons I started this thing. To correct those mistakes. That being said, I’m sure there’s still plenty on my site.
I’ll  just wait for people to correct the info. That’s all we can do right?
That & pass the corrections along – right my friend ?!
Right Joe!
443 pilots Charlesworth identification
Joe is this man who has this most interesting Website

Just a picture – Redux

Joe sent me a message to correct something I wrote about the identification of pilots on a picture someone had shared with me.

RCAF No. 443 Squadron


This is from Joe of joeflyingforyourlife…

No. 6 Course 58 O.T.U. (Operational Training Unit) Grangemouth (UK), 12 May to 23 June 1941.

The man identified as “Bishop” is NOT Arthur, son of Billy Bishop. I’m 100% sure.

Looks nothing like him and he was not in the RCAF yet at that time

Back row 4th from the left is Johnny Plagis from Rhodesia. 100%

Back row 4th from the right is F. H. Belcher of Roblin, Manitoba. 100%

Middle row far left is Mike Sharun of Alberta. 100%

Middle row 3rd from right is probably Tom Holden, later with 411 squadron

Front row
Smith, McNair & Charlesworth I can confirm.

That’s all I know …

I think I’m done for the day,



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