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Bruce McNair added this comment after he sent this picture of his father with fellow pilots.

Dad Rod number 6 course


Glad you liked the photo.  Rod was a lanky 6’5″ and Dad a stocky 5’11”.  They were a good team.  In the photo, on the left front is Arthur Bishop, son of Billy.  Arthur is a bit of a legend himself.  You will see his signature on the silver tray a photograph of which I sent you.  I was in touch with Arthur up until he died.  He was a fiesty, undefeated fighter to the end.  On the far right, front, is Chuck Charlesworth, who remained friends with Dad and Rod after the conflict was over.

Four pilots are now positively identified.

443 pilots four identification

Dad Rod number 6 course close up

Rod Smith and Buck McNair

443 pilots Charlesworth's picture

Chuck Charlesworth

And now Arthur Bishop, the son of the legendary Billy Bishop.

Arthur Bishop

Arthur Bishop

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