He should know…

I asked George Stewart about the meaning of Erks…

He should know.

He was a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron.

This is what George wrote me last night.

Erks’, is a kindly word meaning your ground crew guys!
I’ve not heard that term used since those days!


Want to know more about George?

George Stewart knows a lot about piloting Mosquitoes.

He also trained the Nationalist Chinese to fly them in 1948.

One thing George probably is not aware of is that he is responsible for this blog about No. 403 Squadron.

It’s because I went to see him in Hamilton this summer that I stayed at Greg’s father’s B  & B and that I met Greg.


Walter Dove’s two “Erks”

I don’t know the meaning of erks, but I know Walter Dove loved his two boys.

They were taking care of his Spitfire.

Greg sent me these pictures…

They were Len Simms and Frank Grammam.

One was an A.E.M. and the other an A.F.M.

There was also someone else.

He is Charlie Clarke from Sarnia.

F/O R. M. Tegerdine… a very lucky pilot

I found F/O R. M. Tegerdine’s name in Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

Click on the image below.

also found  this on the Internet.

On the 3rd F/O R. M. Tegerdine of the Wolf Squadron caused some excitement when his engine cut over Brussels and he landed on the roof of an apartment house. The aircraft broke in two but Tegerdine escaped with cuts and bruises. The same pilot had to bale out over enemy territory on the 22nd. He was seen to get down safely and roll up his parachute.

F/Lt G. Tegerdine (right) standing in front of his Halifax “Enemy Exterminator”
with his brother, F/O R. Tegerdine of 403 Squadron RCAF.
These brothers hailed from Oakland California.

Photo courtesy of Canadian Forces Photo Unit PL-42162

Flying Officer Wallace Victor John Burdis J/40853

Just a name?

Not quite…

This pilot’s name was in Walter Dove’s logbook.

He died on April 17, 1945.

The war was not over by any means…

Just take a look at these pages.

F/O Buzz Burdis Crashed and Died To-Day – Lack of Petrol

In memory of
Flying Officer
who died on April 17, 1945

Military Service:

Service Number: J/40853

Force: Air Force

Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force

Division: 403 Sqdn.

This is a picture of Wallace Burdis found on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial site.

There is more on the site…

He wrote a letter to his father one day before he died.

I will tell you more tomorrow.

A little R & R

Just for the weekend…

There is so much to tell about No. 403 Squadron.

After that, we will concentrate on Walter Neil Dove’s training days in the BCATP.

While searching on the Internet, I found this blog.

Click here…

There are not that many articles yet posted, but I think the best is yet to come.

I sure hope this blogger will blog away a lot.

He has so much to tell us and show us.

Stalk and Strike…

Me and my friend Tommy Todd

This is my 51th article.

More than 2000 visitors.

I think we are getting somewhere with this blog about RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

This will make Tony Cannell smile… and Tommy Todd’s wife also.

Her name is Val.

Tommy is no longer with us, but Val is.

Walter Neil Dove and Tommy Todd were friends…

Need some proof?

This photo album page with the caption says it all doesn’t it.

Walter and Tommy were living in that house.

It’s on General Wahis boulevard in Brussels.

Want more?

This was in the back of the picture…

Greg sent me this picture of Hank Zary…

Look at the plane’s name….

Val was immortalized.

Have you noticed that a picture is missing…

Me & Friend Tommy Todd of Hamilton Ont.

I wonder where it is?