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Dave McAdams who has been contributing to this blog wrote me this message.

Hi Pierre:

Hope you are doing well. Have been seeing your interesting posts on the 403 Squadron site.  Amazing what keeps coming.  Thanks for your efforts.

My search led me to a relative of someone my father served with in 6MFPS and she had three photos with my dad in them.  I have scanned them and they are attached.  I do not know if this was 6MFPS or part of his attachment to 403 Squadron or even if the photos are all from the same year. In New Years RCAF 1 my dad is the corporal on the left holding glass. 

New Years RCAF 1


From his “airman’s Record Sheet” we know he was reclassified  as LAC 1-1-43 and promoted Cpl 22-2-44.  Not sure when the stripes would have appeared on the uniform.  There is also Harold Vandervoort in the back row, 3rd from left.  He was from Powell River, BC.  Perhaps something in the photos will  allow someone to add info.

New Years RCAF 2


New Years RCAF 3


On another note I saw a posting from Gothenburg, Sweden asking for help identifying a Canadian airman.

The base involved was near  Uetersen and was old Luftwaffe Base. After VE-day The RAF took over the base and named it base 174. The RCAF came to the base in July 1945 with the five Squadrons 411, 412, 416, 421 and the famous 443, they stayed until March 1946 when they all left.

The people posting the request are looking for an airman or possibly support person named “Alexander”.  They report he was a talented artist.  He had a daughter in 1946 with a local woman named AnneMarie but he returned to Canada according to the information they have.. No ideas on the exact squadron or much else. Given that Alexander is not the most common name, perhaps there is some hope the person would appear in some record that might assist.  Wondering if you might have any suggestions as to what resources I might direct the folks in Sweden towards?

Best regards

Dave McAdams

Dave directed me to this message on this Website…

Request 1174    Posted 11 Jul 2014

My name is Mikael from Sweden and I am helping my dear friend Sandra to find out more about the story around her grandmother Annemarie Booge and the unknown soldier who had her pregnant soon after the Second World War ended. In that time Annemarie lived in the village Uetersen not so far from the famous Rosarium.

C:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 171.JPG

We have been told that his name was Alexander, a Canadian soldier so we guess that he was stationed at the RAF controlled base in Uetersen with some of the Canadian Squadrons there? It was about here my interest started.. Today we know a little bit more about the life at the base because we came in contact with Mr Peter Jackson who had written two wonderful books about the soldiers mission 45-55 at Uetersen. The baby girl (Kerstien) was adopted away very soon after her birth in May 1946 to a couple in the region of Hamburg. Annemarie past away in 2003 but before that her daughter Kerstien had a chance to speak to her about her father. Unfortunately there is not so much more than that he was a Canadian soldier and that they met at the Barracks. We also know that she told Kerstien that she was their Lovechild. The reason why she adopted her away was because she was not able to take care of her and her life shouldn’t have been as good as if a loving couple took good care of her. Some months before her birth Alexander was called back home so he asked a friend to take care about Annemarie.
Who was the friend, could he have been an English soldier?

In the beginning of June this year me and my friend had a road trip to Germany to found out more about her relatives and found out that Annemarie born 3.2.1923 short after the adoption start working for the RAF base herself.

C:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 170.JPGC:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 005.JPG

C:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 001.JPGC:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 002.JPG

Photo’s of Annemarie at that time she worked on the base.


In 1949 she met a Polish man with name Horst Gustav Richard Klimaschewski born 24.1.1926 in Stettin, Poland who worked for the Englishman as a telegraph man at the base. They married in 1950 and had two boys but they never lived together which is very curious? He lived in Hamburg and met a younger girl..

C:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 172.JPG

Mr Klimaschewski

At the road trip we also went to a small village called Bliesdorf-Kunersdorf were Annemarie’s loved brother RIP with many other soldiers near the Polish border, Oder. We found out that he was killed the 20th of February 1945 in Ortwig just before the hell brooked down in Seelow Heights. The boy soldier will now have his grave stone that the grave is missing; he died only 19 years old.

C:\Users\Min\Pictures\2014-06-30 mobilbilder\mobilbilder 147.JPG

One day Sandra’s Father told Kerstien that he got an employment in the famous factory Hasselblads in Gothenburg so they had the possibility to move to Sweden and start a new life there. Sandra’s oldest brother was born in Germany but she and her younger brother was born in Gothenburg/Bergsjön, Sweden, a place with fantastic nature and a lake to play with their friends. Kerstien and her daughter both became great artists and the talent must have came from Alexander. Annemarie has told Kerstien that he had drawn a great picture of her.
Today Sandra’s loving father has passed away and the memory is all that she has left of him so that is why this story matters so much to her to find out about her relatives through the history. For many of us it is a matter of course to know about our relatives but when a war gives the life other options will the reason to knowledge take a bigger place….

Some questions which you maybe can help us with:

Can you please post the photos of Annemarie and Mr Klimaschewski in hope that anyone may recognize them?

Who was Alexander? Are there any picture of him and Anne Marie?

Is there any photos to find out with her at the base 1945-52?

Any photos of Mr Klimashewski and who was he?

Have any of your readers some idea or some photos were any of them appear?