Dear Darryl,

I traveled to Seven Oaks, England in 2002, as the Commanding Officer 403 Squadron. I met Madeleine, and stayed at her house overnight. I had the pleasure of meeting all but one of her children, from her second marriage – to Squadron Leader Ken Campbell.

Madeleine’s husband Hank Duval, was flying alongside his Commanding Officer Ken Campbell, when they collided. Both went down, Duval died in the ensuing crash, and Campbell was captured by the Germans.

Three years later, after being liberated by the Americans at Stalag Luft VIIIB, Campbell traveled home, searched for Duval’s widow, Madeleine, and proposed to her. They lived happily ever after. I have shared a photo of Madeleine and her children, which I took during my visit.

Pierre Lagace is authorized to publish the photo, if he so chooses. Failing that, I can send it to you Darryl.

Dean Black, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired)

family picture