Arrival in Liverpool, January 1944

Maybe John you can recognized some pilots…

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

From this picture found on the Internet in 2013…

443 Squadron Pilots arriving in England in 1944

To this when Nicole Morley met Ivor Williams…

Nicole 001 (2)

And to this from Tara, Paul-Émile Piché’s granddaughter…

Squadron photo Jan 1944

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Paul Emile Piché

Paul-Émile Piché

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Art Horrell

Art Horrell

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Luis Perez-Gomez

Luis Perez-Gomez

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter

Squadron photo Jan 1944 C E Scarlet

C E Scarlet

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Ferguson

? Ferguson

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Gordon Frederick Ockenden

Gordon Frederick Ockenden

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Henry Wallace McLeod

Henry Wallace McLeod

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams

Squadron photo Jan 1944 L H Wilson

L H Wilson

Squadron photo Jan 1944 M V Shenk

M V Shenk

Squadron photo Jan 1944 P G Bockman

P G Bockman

Squadron photo Jan 1944 T G Munroe

T G Munroe

Squadron photo Jan 1944 unidentified pilot

unidentified pilot

Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A Aziz

W A Aziz

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Wings Abroad Volume 1 No. 4 – PDF version

Wings Abroad was a newsletter produced for the members of the RCAF Overseas (England). Most issues cover the period late 1940, year 1941 and a few for the early part of 1942. The squadrons shown are the 400, the 401 and the 402.

Once a week, on Sundays, I will post the remainder of Wings Abroad.


Wings Abroad Volume 1 No.4

PDF above

Production of this CD is the result of a collaboration The hard work….scanning…cataloguing…photography…caption editing etc.., -: John B. Le May – The fun stuff….HTML and multimedia programming: – Marcel Lemay – Some material on this CD may be copyrighted and is not to be distributed commercially

Got carried away…

Sorry  for  posting  so much yesterday. I would  like  to say it  won’t  happen  again, but it will.

I  am not  the only  blogger who pays  homage  to veterans  on the Internet. Some are  even  more  carried  away than I am. Some  people  even have  Facebook  pages about  WWII and the Royal  Canadian  Air  Force.

This  being  said, what  about  showing  more of John’s  collection  of memorabilia.


Captains of the Clouds

Last post for today…

Lest We Forget

Eugene Gagnon was one of them…

Back in 1941.

Captains of the Clouds was a movie made in 1941.

Click here for more information.

In this photograph, Eugene stands besides a Harvard.

Look at the first numbers… 25.

Now look at this movie still taken from the movie.

 Eugene went to No. 6 SFTS Dunnville after where he got his wings as you can see on his service record.

So this photograph has to have been taken at Uplands.

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Stocky Edwards – Redux


Can  you  spot  Stocky  Edwards?

I could not in 2011.

Not even in 2012.

Not even in 2013. In 2014 when Pat Murphy contacted me on this blog.

Who is Pat Murphy?

Stocky with model of Kittyhawk

Stocky Edwards


John B. commented…


Good morning Pierre,

Yes I am fairly sure that he’s the one with the small dog. Last year I visited the aviation museum and spoke to a visitor who told me he knew him and he was living so where in BC. All others on the photo were mostly Admin Officers of the Wing and were very sociable. Stan Turner was my neighbour for two months in Eastview in 194?. We met at the bus stop almost a dozen times. Not a word was heard… not even a glance. He was a Group Captain. And I was … a very happily married young vet. 68 years, 69 in November.

À la prochaine.

John B.