Ripples in the water – A simple request…

Request from a reader…

My colleague and I are in the process of researching for a new book we are writing about RMS Queen Mary during WWII (when she was refitted as a troop ship). If you (or someone you know, whether it be a relative who has passed on) sailed aboard the QM during WWII, we are interested in finding out more for inclusion in our book.

For more information, please contact Cher & Nicole at:


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I don’t know that much about RMS Queen Mary during World War II.

Before September 2011 I knew nothing about RCAF 403 Squadron. Never knew it had ever existed.

This is post 647 about ripples in the water…and helping someone remembering.

The duty to remember has been on my mind since July 2009 after a family reunion. It has not stop since. From the story of a sailor who said very little about his ordeal to the story of Walter Neil Dove’s grandson who had accepted my offer to post all he had from his grandfather, a Spitfire pilot with 403 Squadron.

I am hoping post 647 will help Cher and Nicole in their duty to remember.

As a footnote…

Walter Neil Dove came back from the war. He sailed on RMS Queen Elizabeth to get back to his loved ones.

If you want to make ripples in the water, please share this story.