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Great find!

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan


R54605, Payer, Philippe Cpl. enlisted: October 10,1939.

With information on the back.

photo verso

Caporal Payer is the man on the right. According to the caption we are in 1941.

St-Hubert P. Que

Été 1941

Moi et mes hommes ce que l’on appelle un Crew

L’avion est un Tiger Shark

spit Fire

I am sure we are at the St-Hubert airbase in 1941, but this is not a Spitfire on this photo. It’s an American P-40 Kittyhawk bearing the code VW.

There were few P-40 Kittyhawk in Canada.

Very rares photos on the Internet. These are from the personal collection of Lorne Weston also a ground crew who would have served in Alaska!

His son had shared them so everyone could see them on the Internet.

What golden opportunity then to share this incredible photo taken in June 1941 at St-Hubert.

photo mod

R54605, Payer, Philippe Cpl. enlisted: October 10,1939.

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So what about just another Harvard…


This Harvard was flown by an unknown pilot over Bagotville.

This is how I got it.


Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Greg Bell is Wally Dove’s grandson who shared everything he had of his grandfather’s war memorabilia.

Walter Neil Dove was stationed at No. 1 O.T.U. in Bagotville, Quebec,  on June 29, 1943.

1943 June 29-July 9

There is a lot of information on these log book pages.

1943 August 3-August 24

1943 August 25

He flew FE628 only once… July 15, 1943.

1943 July 10-July 21

1943 July 21-July 31

Wally Dove was not the pilot flying FE628, but I am sure he was the one who took that picture.


How to contact me? – Update

A spin-off blog of this one…

RAF 249 Squadron

This is post No. 15.

This blog evolved from my blog on RCAF 403 Squadron created in 2011 when I met for an hour the grandson of a Spitfire pilot. Greg had all of his grandfather’s photo albums and log books. When he showed them to me I told Greg that we had to share what he had.

Greg could have said no, but he trusted me with paying homage to his grandfather and his fellow pilots.

Then Buck McNair’s son found that blog, and wanted to share what he knew about his father…


But since Buck McNair was not with 403 Squadron, I decided to create this blog.

This is post No. 15, and I share what people want to share with me. It’s not about money.These young men have paid enough.

I am just paying homage to unsung heroes like the pilots whose names you will find on…

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