Spitfire Vb R7290

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I am interested in Spitfire Vb R7290 in which P.O. N Warden may/may not have been killed. That particular aircraft was donated by William and Harold Cook from Donington Lincolnshire hence the name Donintonian. I know their daughter who is now in her 80s now and always believed that it was Warden who flew the aircraft. Do you have any particular information on this aircraft in particular Squadron, squadron markings, colour scheme and history? Their daughter still has the original plaque from the Ministry of Aircraft Production and out of the factory photograph etc.

Some information is found on this forum.


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With respect to Spitfire R7290 (Manufacturer’s No. 1546) This MXII “Donningtonian” had its first flight FF on 29-4-41, and was then transferred to Maintenance unit 8MU on 30-3 (probably 1942, then to the squadron 91S probably on 4-5 (May) of 1942 and then it “failed to return) FTR from Ops 1-10 which means 01 October, probably 1942.

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Hello Pierre or Dean,

Is it still possible you can find the target from F/O Harold Byrd (Admiral) on 19th march 1945, (missing after leaving formation).

In the east of Holland that day there was an assault in the neighbourhood, a small town called Terborg, in a castle “Schuilenburg” there was the residence from General Model (obercom.West). However the day before ” the staff” was leaving. The castle was totally bombed.

The Allied stood before the Rhine (Rees) Germany, the end of War was near. Tragical for the 22 years old Spitfire pilot.

I hope you can help me,

gr. Hennie

This is the whole page of March 1945.

Walter Neil Dove was not flying on March 19, 1945.


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Hank Byrd took off from Petit Brogel at 13.30h 19 march 1945
Target: Fighter Sweep in the Rheine-Osnabrick area.
12 a/c of 403 Squadron, 5 early returns.
Source: ORB 403 Squadron

Karl Lusink