Paying Homage to Dennis Connolly

The Best Kept Secret on the West Island…

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This homage amounts to only one word… recognition.

Dennis Connelly flew probably with this Free French pilot…
Same squadron. He was also at Dieppe.
This video is in French.

Jean Maridor was chasing a V-1 in 1944.
He shot it down when it was falling on a hospital.

On August 3,1944, during one of these dangerous operations Captain Jean Maridor saw a V1 directy falling on a hospital in Benenden. Unable to tilt it with his wing as pilots did, he followed right behind firing at point blank range leaving himself no way out after the V-1 explosion. He sacrificed his life destroying his 6th flying bomb, his disintegrated Spitfire crashing near the hospital he had just saved.


3 thoughts on “Paying Homage to Dennis Connolly

  1. There is just no adequate way to fully appreciate and honor the bravery of such men. I can only hope that they and their deeds will never be forgotten.

    • There was a lot more I would have like to write about that pilot.
      His son once wrote me after his father died and said we should have coffee together one of these days.
      It’s been two years…

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