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Another German He 177 Bomber Picture From George White’s Collection

 He 177

This is a rare picture of another damaged Heinkel He 177 bomber from my dad’s collection.

It is just captioned “German Bomber”.  There is no indication of a Werk Number or a location where this picture was taken.

He 177 back

This photo however clearly shows the four engine configuration driving the two big four bladed propellers.

Unfortunately there are no 403 Wolf Squadron Erks playing in this aircraft.

Mark White  

 January 2014

RCAF 403 Wolf Squadron Erks Playing in the Big Bird

What more can I say about Mark White’s contribution…?


He-177 and Fw 190

This picture from my dad George White’s collection was just captioned “Damaged German Aircraft” and it shows a couple of men from his crew playing in the cockpit.
The “Big Bird” is a four engine Heinkel He 177 heavy bomber.

It can be positively identified as He 177A-3 Werk Number. 135024 ND+SS.
This aircraft was under evaluation, and used at least temporarily, by E-Stelle (Test centre) Rechlin Germany from spring 1943 until 1944. The white prototype number “V24” is still visible on the fin.

The “Little Bird” in the foreground is a Focke-Wulf 190, sometimes called the “Butcher Bird”.

The location of this picture could be Faßberg Germany.

The He 177 is an interesting aircraft. It is a four engine bomber but it only has two propellers. Driving each propeller are two Daimler-Benz 605 12 cylinder engines that are mated together.

The resulting 24 cylinder engine is designated as the Daimler-Benz DB 610.

This other picture from my dad’s collection is captioned “German Aircraft Engine”. It shows two unidentified 403 Wolf Squadron Erks standing beside an engine that has been identified as being a Daimler-Benz DB 610 engine from a Heinkel 177 bomber.

German Aircraft Engine 
It’s kind of fun doing some research and identifying the aircraft and locations where these pictures were taken.

Now, if only some of your readers could help me identify some of these men.

Mark White

January 2014.