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The 403 squadron site is a work of love, and respect. Well done. They were truly great guys ! I’m a major fan of the Curtiss p-40 Kittyhawk. I quite by accident came across this site while doing research on Umnak, Island, Alaska. There I found an image of pranged Kittyhawk from RCAF 118 Squadron AK 857 I.D. ‘H’. that took place on 1/September/42. My dad served with the 111 (F) Squadron Thunderbirds.

Dad was stationed  at Elmendorf, AFB, and he and one of his buddies were sent down to Annette Island to repair ( I believe) this Kittyhawk. Just curious, would anyone have further info on the above mentioned hawk. ie: who was the pilot ? what was the cause of the prang ?

Once again, nice site and thank you in advance.


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