Mystery photo

Dear Mr. Lagace,

I have found some more photos of the 5 MFPS in Germany.  Part of Germany is on the Baltic Sea,   Eckernförde and Kappeln. I don’t  know what the Canadiens  where looking for up there north. 

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Will send some more soon.

This photo was taken in the northern  part of Germany, on the Baltic Sea.  Eckernförde  in background is the former German Navy  Torpedo Research facility.

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Why Sticky?

Pierre Lagacé:

In case you ask John why he got this nickname…

Originally posted on RAF 23 Squadron:

Peter says this in his manuscript…

Although it is not known exactly when, but more likely to be while Murphy was with the RAF, he was christened with the name that would stay with him forever “Sticky”.

Sticky got his name because he would never let go of anything; he was a “stickler” for seeing something through. If he got a bee in his bonnet he would pursue it to the last… until whatever had bothered him had reached a conclusion.

Now Peter knows who was Sticky’s navigator.

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Paying homage to Allan Sticky Murphy

Pierre Lagacé:

He flew Lysanders before flying on Mosquitoes.

Originally posted on RAF 23 Squadron:

Allan “Sticky” Murphy was Wing Commander of 23 Squadron.

Alan Michael ‘Sticky’ Murphy DSO and Bar, DFC, Croix de Guerre.
‘Sticky’. (Courtesy of Tommy Cushing)

Sticky Murphy was a pilot flying Lysander in 1941. He flew that particular mission in December 1941 and was hit in the neck.

He managed to get back to his base in England.

This is an excerpt of Peter Smith’s manuscript…

The loss of Sticky Murphy on December the 2nd 1944 would stay with the aircrew, and all whose lives he had touched for the rest of their lives.
Whenever they thought of all those lost, their friends that didn’t return, Sticky would be first in their memories.
His love of life and his love for his airmen would be passed down to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren-a better friend and comrade no man had.

His accomplishments were at least those of the 23…

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