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Robert Charles Medforth 403


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Collection Walter Neil Dove (courtesy his grandson Greg Bell)


74 years ago… Harold Chauncy Byrd

Flowers laid by Maarten and Ronny.

De Spitfire van Landfort

Op 19 maart 1945 tussen 14.00 en 14.30 komt er een Spitfire neer bij Landfort, ten Noorden van Megchelen. De Spitfire Mk XVI met het serienummer SM-208 behoorde tot 403 squadron RCAF en was die dag om 13.30 uur met nog 11 toestellen opgestegen van de basis Petit Brogel in België voor een “sweep” (veegactie) in de omgeving van Rheine en Osnabrück. De piloot F/O BYRD rapporteert aan de basis dat hij te kampen heeft met motorproblemen en terugvliegt naar de basis. Ter Hoogte van Dwardefeld, even ten noorden van Landfort wordt hij getroffen door 2 cm Flak. De Spitfire crasht bij Landfort en de 28 jarige F/O Harold Chauncey Byrd komt hierbij om het leven. Hij wordt begraven in een veldgraf bij zijn toestel en op 14 oktober 1947 herbegraven op het RK kerkhof te Gendringen.

F/O Harold Chauncey Byrd afkomstig uit Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

©Karl Lusink-ARGA

The Spitfire of Landfort

On March 19, 1945 between 14.00 and 14.30 a Spitfire comes down at Landfort, north of Megchelen. The Spitfire Mk XVI with serial number SM-208 belonged to 403 squadron RCAF and was that day at 13.30 hours with 11 more aircraft that took off from the base Petit Brogel in Belgium for a “sweep” (sweeping) in the area of Rheine and Osnabrück. The pilot F/O BYRD reports at the base that he has engine problems and flies back to the base. At the height of Dwardefeld, just north of Landfort, he is hit by 2 cm Flak. The Spitfire crashes at Landfort and the 28 year old F/O Harold Chauncey Byrd is killed. He is buried in a field grave by his aircraft and on October 14, 1947 reburied at the RK cemetery in Gendringen.


Joseph Pierre Auguste “Peter ‘Pete’ Logan” Lecoq Redux

Turning back the clock to 15 March 2014 on this blog…

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

To read once more what I wrote back in 2011 about the pilot who flew the plane that Pat Murphy built a model of…

This picture was not in Walter Neil Dove’s photo album…

But this is most interesting about a 403 Squadron pilot.

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Quoted from an email from Pierre’s son Peter :

“During the war, my father flew under an alias, Pete Logan.


During WW2, my father’s mother and siblings lived in Bonneville, France, and my father’s superiors felt that his family could face retaliation should the Germans ever learn of my father’s French roots.

My father did have some claims; however, his records are incomplete. When he went from being Pierre Lecoq (R77174) to Peter Logan, the official records for Pierre Lecoq were totally erased or lost …

What I do know, is that after my father’s tour of duty ended in July of…

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F/O K.P. Marshall

Original photo

BB1 - HR

Colorised by Doug Banks and posting it on Facebook…



Trying to find who is who…

Help needed to identify the remaining 9 of these 20 airman, mainly Canadian with a few American volunteers

403 Squadron RCAF, possibly at Catterick in late August 1942

Identified so far:
Standing –
Sgt Victor Nicholas Cabas (USA)
F/Sgt John T Norman (USA)
F/O William Thompson Lane
Sgt Fred Turner
Middle row –
F/O Roy Wozniak
P/O Harry James Dowding
F/O George Dennis Aitken
Front row –
F/L Charles McLaughlin Magwood
F/L Patrick Terrance O’Leary
S/Ldr Leslie Ford
F/L George Urquhart Hill



Add this one…

Flying Officer Ken Marshall

With regards to your July 12, 2018 posting of the 403 squadron in front of a Spitfire (the colourized version of the photo with the men’s names). The man in the second row and second from the right is F/O K.P. Marshall.