Tommy Todd Revisited Redux: the Sequel

If you’re new on this blog, reading this will tell you why I have written close to 500 articles on this blog.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Post 321

This post is for you Andrew.

This has happen so many times since 2011 that I have stopped pinching myself.

Andrew Todd contacted me!

Andrew whose grandfather was Tommy Todd left more comments…

I don’t know how you found me but I am sure glad you did! I feel like I know you somehow but can’t figure out the connection.

If you start reading this blog from the start, I know you will start pinching yourself then stop pinching.

Andrew had written a comment on this blog in December 2011, but he had never contacted me again…

Tom Todd is my grandfather.  These pictures are new to me.  I am at work and have to keep it together but feel overwhelmed with emotion so I will have to look at this later in private.  Thanks for posting this.

Walter Neil Dove collection via Greg Bell

Many people contacted…

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Where and how to start?

That’s  what  I  was  asking  myself  when  I  met  Greg in September  2011.

Greg had his grandfather’s  photo  albums  and his log books.

I  told  him  he had to  share  this to pay  homage  to his grandfather  and everyone  we were seeing  on the pictures.

Greg scanned everything!

I posted everything!

Even these pictures taken in December 1945…

Even this one…


This week I received two copies of a CD.


On the CD there was this…



And  this.


Where and how to start sharing  what J. B. Le  May has  just shared?

A little known No. 403 Squadron pilot

Written in October 2011.
Time flies isn’t?

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

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Buzz Beurling flew with the 403 as well as Johnnie Johnson.

Few people know that Greg’s grandfather flew some missions with Johnnie Johnson as his wingman.

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London, June 28, 1944 – (CP) – Wing-Cmdr. J. E. (Johnny) Johnson, an Englishman from Nottingham, with 32 enemy planes shot down in air combat, shared today with Group Capt. A. G. (Sailor) Malan, of South Africa, the status of top-ranking Allied air ace of this war.
Johnson, who commands a Canadian fighter wing operating from a base in Normandy, downed two German ME109’s yesterday in air duels over the bridgehead front to bring his score up to that of Malan. The latter now is on ground duty.
Top-ranking Canadian airman is Flt.-Lt. George (Buzz) Beurling, of the R.C.A.F., now an instructor in Canada. Beurling has downed 31 planes.
One of the highest-scoring Canadians flying from the…

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Operation Bodenplatte revisited

70 years ago today

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Dove was in the thick of it as his logbook mentions it…

Mac Reeves got two enemy planes.

Steve Butte got three.

Keith Lindsay got one plus one probable.

This is the log entry…


Flight Lieutenant Walter Neil Dove did not get any.

He never got a chance to get off the ground and tangle with the Germans fighters.

That might have been his lucky day…

Who knows?

Mac Reeves’ luck ran out a few months later.

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