I hope Lee Anne reads the comment section…

Hi Lee Anne,

Yup. It’s me. This article thread is about Uncle Harry, Granny’s brother who died in WWII. It’s fascinatong as there were responses from people whose parents had served with Uncle Harry. He even has a widow in England that our family knew nothing about. I have her contact info and have been meaning to get in touch.
I sent it to Frances.
Blair has my # and so does Frances.
Hope you’re well.
Thx Pierre!

Paying homage to Admiral Byrd

Hello Pierre,

Recently the community placed this memorial in Megchelen (Holland). It is near the Spitfire made the crash. So that everyone can see what its happened almost 70 year ago.
It’s also translated in German, because the crash was on the frontier between German and Holland.

friendly regards,

Hennie Berendsen

Byrd memorial

Courtesy Hennie Berendsen

People  in Holland  are remembering Hank Byrd.

Hank Byrd

collection Walter Neil Dove via his grandson Greg Bell


Courtesy Hennie Berendsen