Paying homage to Stuart McIntyre Connacher





Information from Stephen Nickerson

P/O Leslie Sydney Ford. Ford was C.O. of the 403 when F/O Connacher went missing on the 16th of February 1943. Acting Wing Commander Hobson, however, was leading the 403 on Rodeo 170 at 1635 hours that day and F/O Connacher was flying as Red 4 in Hobson’s section. As Kenley Wing (402 and 403) climbed to 25,000 feet before steering for Dunkirk Connacher’s aircraft dropped out of formation and began a steady descent. F/L O’Leary called to the pilot but there was no reply. It was believed that F/O Connacher suffered a blackout during the wing’s climb due to a malfunction in the oxygen system. This occurred at mid-channel before the wing reached the French coast.