Now and then…

Now and then, I come across old images that have been filed away and forgotten. Two such images are attached.

You can use these two from No. 403 [Wolf} Squadron City of Calgary. They came from Lynn Garrison and were the early March 1941 Curtiss Tomahawk fighters.


Clarence Simonsen and I are passionnate about aviation. He is sharing these photos…

Prangs! – Déjà vu?

These next photos are courtesy of François Dutil of 438 Squadron…

438 Squadron



credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF


credit 118 (F) Squadron RCAF

Déjà vu?

I posted the same photo earlier on this blog. They were part of Lorne Weston’s personal collection…



Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska


Kittyhawk 2


Kittyhawk with pilot 1


Kittyhawk with pilot 2




Alaska Kittyhawk 3


Kitty Hawk cash landing Alaska


Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska

More on Lorne Weston here.

Kittyhawk lovers – Update

A comment about a post…

The 403 squadron site is a work of love, and respect. Well done. They were truly great guys ! I’m a major fan of the Curtiss p-40 Kittyhawk. I quite by accident came across this site while doing research on Umnak, Island, Alaska. There I found an image of pranged Kittyhawk from RCAF 118 Squadron AK 857 I.D. ‘H’. that took place on 1/September/42. My dad served with the 111 (F) Squadron Thunderbirds.

Dad was stationed  at Elmendorf, AFB, and he and one of his buddies were sent down to Annette Island to repair ( I believe) this Kittyhawk. Just curious, would anyone have further info on the above mentioned hawk. ie: who was the pilot ? what was the cause of the prang ?

Once again, nice site and thank you in advance.


Here is the original post…

Any comments?

Alaska Kittyhawk 3 Kittyhawk with pilot 2 Kittyhawk with pilot 1 Kittyhawk 2 Kittyhawk-001 Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska Kitty Hawk cash landing Alaska

Greetings from RCAF 111 (F) Squadron


I am sending this greeting out to everyone who has responded to the invitation to participate in the website:

By now you know that the guys of 111 Squadron were involved in something quite extraordinary: they defended our Country’s western boundaries. The duty was very difficult and the mission was probably hard for many to understand.  History has not been able to help us understand what  our  enemy  was up to in the Western Pacific. They had probably over-played their hand.  But Canada didn’t know that for sure at the time.  We reacted… successfully.

Eventually, Canadians were able to put our whole attention to the threat that was growing in Central Europe.  And, eventually, that was handled very well, too.

This note is to say thank you.  You have contributed to something that will mark how our countrymen have risen to the cause. The guys of 111 Squadron were heroes.  And you are related to or know about them. Congratulations!  They were probably just ordinary guys that felt the call and did what was asked of them.  In retrospect, that is what is  inspirational.

Thank you for helping this site to salute them.

I hope that 2015 was a productive and fulfilling time for you.  May 2016 bring good things to you and your family.

Merry Christmas!

Bill Eull


Merry Christmas Bill from Pierre in Quebec


Stocky Edwards – Redux


Can  you  spot  Stocky  Edwards?

I could not in 2011.

Not even in 2012.

Not even in 2013. In 2014 when Pat Murphy contacted me on this blog.

Who is Pat Murphy?

Stocky with model of Kittyhawk

Stocky Edwards


John B. commented…


Good morning Pierre,

Yes I am fairly sure that he’s the one with the small dog. Last year I visited the aviation museum and spoke to a visitor who told me he knew him and he was living so where in BC. All others on the photo were mostly Admin Officers of the Wing and were very sociable. Stan Turner was my neighbour for two months in Eastview in 194?. We met at the bus stop almost a dozen times. Not a word was heard… not even a glance. He was a Group Captain. And I was … a very happily married young vet. 68 years, 69 in November.

À la prochaine.

John B.