Gil Gillis – Pense Sask.

The story continues…on RAF 238 Squadron

Gil Gillis

RAF 238 Squadron

That’s how my search began in September 2011…

Gil GillisWalter Neil Dove collection via Greg Bell

The thing to do was to write the town hall of Pense…

I never got any reply from my request about information on Gil Gillis who was a hometown boy from Pense, Saskatchewan.

I would have wished something like that.


We are sorry, but this person is a complete stranger to us or anybody in our small town of 532 people (2011 census).

Have a good day.

I got no answer. It did not deter me, and I continued with my search for Gil Gillis anyway. Then the floodgates opened wide when Cathy Swanson found one of my blogs on July 31st, 2014.

I then started posting what she had sent.

This particular image caught my attention, and got me to scramble…


There was a clue in Gil Gillis’ address book!

Gil Gillis address book 238 squadron clue


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Finding Gil Gillis

Where my obsessive search is leading me right now…

RAF 238 Squadron

Finding Gil Gillis in September 2011 became like an obsessive search for a Spitfire pilot whose picture was in a photo album of another Spitfire pilot.

Both flew with RCAF 403 Squadron late in the war.

Gil Gillis

I am trying very hard to control my compulsive obsession about finding the “Few” since 2011. Finding the “Few” like Tommy Todd and many more. Tommy Todd’s grandson shared all he knew about his grandfather who also flew with RCAF 403 Squadron.

Cathy Swanson shared all about her father which resulted in the creation of this blog to pay homage to Gil Gillis.

Frederick Burdette GillisGil Gillis

Everything is posted here with the kind permission of Cathy.

This however is not.

picIt was shared on a forum with a message.

Hi Tom

I have a photo album and log book of Sgt. Later Flight Lt. Clement St John Nichols. He flew with 238 from November 1940…

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Looking for Gérard Maurice Labrosse? Search no more because he is on Wings Abroad!

Updated 13 November 2020


Gérard Maurice Labrosse

Gérard Maurice Labrosse zoom

John B. Le May has been looking for LAC Labrosse for so many years…

Regarding the original owner of Wings Abroad; true except that for years I tried to find Mr. Labrosse without success. I would be more than grateful if someone could find some way to get in touch with him or any member of his family and I would be very happy to send all copies (originals) to the Labrosse family.


Please contact us.

Wings Abroad Volume 2 No. 7 – 15th March, 1942

This is the last copy John B. Le May had in his precious collection of artifacts.

These copies belonged to LAC Labrosse.


Wings Abroad Volume 2 No 7

Click above for the PDF file.