About Wings Abroad – and John Le May


Wings Abroad was a newsletter produced for the members of the RCAF Overseas (England). Most issues cover the period late 1940, year 1941 and a few for the early part of 1942. The squadrons shown are the 400, the 401 and the 402.

These provide an excellent insight to squadron life during this early part of the war through excellent articles and photos.  The time spent reading them will, I feel, be well worth your while.
Our collection of some 25 issues is courtesy 403 Squadron and in particular Pierre Lagacé and John Le May, both of whom desire a BIG Atta Boy for all their hard work in preparing these documents.
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Looking for Gérard Maurice Labrosse? Search no more because he is on Wings Abroad!

Updated 13 November 2020



Gérard Maurice Labrosse

Gérard Maurice Labrosse zoom

John B. Le May has been looking for LAC Labrosse for so many years…

Regarding the original owner of Wings Abroad; true except that for years I tried to find Mr. Labrosse without success. I would be more than grateful if someone could find some way to get in touch with him or any member of his family and I would be very happy to send all copies (originals) to the Labrosse family.


Please contact us.

Wings Abroad Volume 2 No. 7 – 15th March, 1942

This is the last copy John B. Le May had in his precious collection of artifacts.

These copies belonged to LAC Labrosse.


Wings Abroad Volume 2 No 7

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Wings Abroad Volume 2 No. 5 and No. 6 – 25th February, 1942


Wings Abroad Volume 2 No 5 and 6

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Wings Abroad Volume 1 No. 21 – 15 October 1941


Wings Abroad Volume 1 No 21

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Page four is before page three…

Page four is before page three…