403 August 15 1942

That’s all we got…

403 August 15 1942

Lynn sent me this picture with this message.

I have a picture that I found at a Car Boot sale in Dorset. The feeling is that it is of the Ground Crew of the RCAF 403 Squadron, taken on 15 August 1942, you are more than welcome to have it for your collection if you think it is, would love you to look…

Any comment?

Dean we need your help with this… I know 403 Squadron was in Britain during that time.

On August 19th, 1942, the RAF was called upon to provide air support to the most important offensive of the year, Operation Jubilee, the Allied raid on Dieppe. Fighter Command provided 48 Spitfire squadrons (including several RCAF squadrons: Nos 401, 402, 403, 411, 412 and 416), eight Hurricane squadrons, and three Hawker Typhoon squadrons. Army Co-operation Command contributed four Mustang squadrons (including the RCAF’s Nos 400 and 414) and two squadrons of Blenheim light bombers. Bomber Command, for its part, supplied three light bomber squadrons. The order of battle was completed by a few Boston fighter-bombers, among which two from the RCAF’s No 600 Squadron, and by two USAAF B-17 heavy bomber squadrons. The nine RCAF squadrons that took part in the raid lost 14 aircraft and 9 pilots; in addition, 10 planes were damaged and 3 pilots wounded. Enemy losses amounted to 10 aircraft downed, 14 damaged and 2 presumed downed. Although the raid’s air component was not such a catastrophe as the ground operation, it evidenced similar weaknesses in planning and communications.