Amigo Roy

I have search a lot on the Internet to find information about Amigo.

His second name was Roy.

No Joy…

No Joy… until Dean wrote a comment and the floodgate opened wide.

I figured Amigo could have been French-Canadian as “moiself”.

Walter Dove used this word in his photo album.

Moiself… for myself.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

I am sure Walter Dove was a nice guy.

When I met his grandson Greg, I knew I had met a nice guy.

Greg is in his mid-twenties and he has a deep interest in aviation.

I am in my early sixties and I always had a deep interest in aviation.

It started when I was 10 years old when I first built my first model plane.

It was a F-86 Sabre Jet model kit. My brother had chosen a… Spitfire! I knew nothing about the Spitfire or about WWII for that matter.

The passion for aviation continued on.

So it was natural to offer Greg to pay homage to his grandfather using the logbook and the photo album and share with others using this blog.

Getting back to the photo album, this is one of the pages…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

A picture is missing.

Quite strange.

Amigo’s picture is missing.

Why is it missing?

I think I might have an explanation.

Come back next time.

Maybe, maybe not

I met a war veteran today at his home.

Mr. Corbeil was an air gunner on a Halifax during WWII.

Jean-Paul Corbeil on the left

He finished his tour of operations in September 1944 and was sent to Canada.

He left Liverpool on the Queen Elizabeth with many American servicemen. He was in his cabin with three Canadian Spitfire pilots who also had finished their tour.

One pilot had a DFC with bar.

He does not remember his name.

What he remembers though is that this pilot was killed in front of him as the pilot was crossing a street in Ottawa around October 28th or 29th, 1944.

He remembers the car that struck the pilot. A big Mercury. He also remembers that he had to call the pilot’s family living in Toronto.

There was a padre on the scene who did not want to get involved, so he had to call. The mother’s pilot took the call. In the background he could hear a younger woman with a small child.

Everything is still vivid in his memory. Everything except the name of the Spitfire pilot with a DFC and bar.

This pilot had to be an exceptional pilot.

I promised Mr. Corbeil that I would try to find more information using my contacts. I tried looking at the Canadian Virtual War Memorial but found nothing.

Maybe this pilot was with the 403.

That would be quite a coincidence.

But then maybe not.

This comment will get some attention…

To you readers who have been following this blog since September…

Hello, I am Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Dean C. Black, CD – Commanding Officer 403 “Wolf” Squadron (2000-2002).

In 2001 I led the squadron’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of the squadron’s formation. I also found in the filing cabinets a draft of the squadron’s history which had been languishing for ten years. I wrote the closing chapters, bringing it up to date, and then published the book, selling over 1,500 copies.

I have two left, but these have been autographed by many 403 Spitfire pilots, so they are invaluable mementos. In December 2010 Steve Butte invited me to Australia to be with him as he was dying. I invested him as the Honorary Colonel of the Squadron in April 2002.

All this to say, I am impressed with your site, and I have much to offer.

Are you interested?

I am currently serving as Executive Director Air Force Association of Canada ( and Executive Editor of Airforce magazine.

I know 403 Wolf Squadron will celebrate its 72nd anniversary in 2013.

I found the information on this site.

Well that’s great news.

I know Greg will be happy to read this.

1945 in Germany

Bob Young fratting with German kids…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Very bashful and afraid of us…

Who was Bob Young?

We see him here with Gil Gillis.

You know all about Gil don’t you.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Here’s the roster again.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Bob Young was Flying Officer Bob Young, part of No. 403 Squadron. I am sure he survived the war because Walter Dove would have highlighted his name in yellow.

Bottom of the ninth?

Here are the last pictures sent by Greg.

Stew scoring…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Stew is Stew Tosh.

Fred the body beautiful is at bat.

Fred Town at bat…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

He comes running home…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Van taking a cut at the ball.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Van is taking a cut at the ball.

That’s what Walter Dove wrote.

I think Van swung and missed. But then maybe I am wrong. 

Anyway,  now you know who was on 3rd base.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

About Stew Tosh… We know little about him. Just this.

Uneventful patrols on the 4th were followed by more successes in the air the next day. The Wolves, on their third
patrol, sighted fifteen Me.109s at 14,000 feet in the Arnhem area. S/L Wood destroyed two and shared a third with
P/O R. C. Shannon, Wood’s victories contributing to the award of the D.F.C. which he received in December. Another was destroyed by F/O F. W. Thomson and a fifth by P/O M. Reeves. Finally F/L S. Tosh damaged one. The same squadron, likewise on its third patrol of the day, scored again on the 6th when two bomb-carrying Me.109s were encountered at 16,000 feet over Nijmegen. Wood shot down one of the enemy, the other making its escape. Many Me.262s were seen in the course of operations but they were not engaged.

That’s not much.

Perhaps this on this site… 

S. Tosh, Almonte. This airman got his wings at Dunnville, Ontario on June 19, 1942.


Dunnville, Ont., June 19, 1942 —(CP)—

Eight Ontario sergeants, all civil pilots before the war and former instructors at Canadian training schools, received their wings at No. 6 Service Flying Training school here today.

They were: E. Watson, J. M. D. Holden, R. D. Grogan, Toronto; P. H. Perdue, Oakville; R. H. Bennett, Brantford; H. L. Snider, Baden; V. B. Powers, London; F. S. McCarthy, Windsor.

Wings were presented by Wing-Cmdr V. H. Patriarchs, officer commanding the station.
Other Ontario graduates were: E. H. Edwards, W. T. Klersy, T. R. Martin, W. Smith, A. W. Smith, H. Taylor, J. A. Warren, all of Toronto; D. A. Armstrong, Trenton; G. W. Brown, S. A. Round, Sarnia; J. Clark, D. E. Smith, Woodstock; E. G. Duck, H. C. Spurgeon, Windsor; D. A. Hall, R. A. Neff, Ottawa; D. Hall, Willikens; E. S. Lavery, Listowel; A. V. Nightingale, Mount Forest; M. F. Pettibone, Lakeport; E. R. Proud, Edengrove; J. N. Parrish, Britton; W. Stirling, Niagara Falls; J. Shapter, Bracebridge; S. Tosh, Almonte; R. B. Trull, St. Thomas.

Stew Tosh was a rugby player in 1939.


That would explain the A on his sweatshirt.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

You can read all about it. The game ended in a near riot!

Play ball!

Greg send these along with the picture of the Chief at bat…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Hank Zary was not the only one at bat.

Fred “Body Beautiful” Town was also at bat and in great shape…

Mo and Ollie Olson were also playing while Tommy was just relaxing at first base…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

With so many names, we have to look at the squadron roster found in Walter Dove’s logbook to know who’s on first.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

If Tommy Todd is taking easy around first base when Mo Morrison is running hard and Ollie Olson is reaching for the ball, then these pictures would have been taken before March 31, 1945 because that’s when Tommy Todd was shot down.

If we have Tommy Tomlinson, then when this picture was taken is everybody’s guess.

Tommy Tomlinson left on April 4, 1945 when his tour expired.

This is Tommy Tomlinson in the Nissan hut.

I wonder if he is packing up his things.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

So who’s on 3rd?

Hank Zary is at bat.

They called him The Chief.

This is The Chief again in his Spitfire.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

The Chief died in 1949 of pleurisy.

No one is remembering him that much. He probably had no children to pay homage to their father. This is probably why I write this blog and that I convinced Greg to scan like hell.

Greg is now into the process of rescanning at 600 dpi. That’s great because we can see more details like who’s on 3rd… This picture I believe would have been taken at B90 airdrome in Petit Brogel. 

I think Van is at 3rd base…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Van is Van Sainsbury.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Van’s son found our blog and he was delighted at what he saw.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is all the reward we seek.

Tomorrow… Play ball!

Flight Lieutenant Doug Orr DFC

ORR James Douglas (F/L) RCAF n° R56907 (NCO) J10391

Distinguished Flying Cross

London Gazette 29 December 1944

This officer has completed many sorties during which he has either destroyed or damaged more than 100 enemy vehicles. In addition he has destroyed three enemy aircraft and damaged two others. He has proved himself a keen and efficient pilot whose leadership and fine fighting spirit have won the admiration of his squadron.

Doug Orr

Collection Walter Neil Dove

More on Doug Orr…

ORR, F/L James Douglas (J10391)

– Distinguished Flying Cross 

– No.403 Squadron

– Award effective 18 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 29 December 1944 and AFRO 379/45 dated 2 March 1945.  

Born 1916 in Elm Creek, Manitoba; home in Vancouver; enlisted in Winnipeg 18 April 1940.  Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 23 May 1940), Winnipeg Flying Club (graduated 19 July 1940) and No.1 SFTS (graduated 18 September 1940).  Commissioned 1942.  Medal presented in Vancouver, 22 October 1949.  

Credited with the following victories: 15 May 1944, one FW.190 destroyed (shared with three other pilots); 26 Jun 1944, one Bf.109 destroyed plus one Bf.109 damaged; 30 June 1944, one Bf.109 destroyed; 5 July 1944, one FW.190 damaged; 28 August 1944, one FW.190 destroyed.

Now for more on Doug Orr. 

He also served with No.111 f Squadron, a little known RCAF Squadron just like 128 Squadron.

Click on this link.

Padre Jackson

Padre Jackson was the padre for RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

Michael, Van Sainsbury’s son, sent me this picture last week to post on my blog.

On Friday, Greg sent this one. He found it in his grandfather’s photo album.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

He also found this document… written on May 4th, 1945 by Padre Jackson and also Padre Butler.

Collection Walter Neil Dove