North Weald

These are three pictures shared by Dean Black. They were taken at North Weald where 403 Squadron was once stationed.

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He had this message…

Hi Pierre,

Here are three photographs I took with Steve Butte in April 2002. We visited the North Weald airfield. There is a small museum there, as you can see in the photograph, as well as a prominent memorial to the fallen aircrew who served while operating from North Weald.

Dean on the left is with Steve Butte a Spitfire pilot with 403 Squadron.


Collection Dean Black

Steve Butte is seen here on this picture with his eyes closed. Top row, third from the left.

Dad sitting first left

Collection Georges Nadon via André Nadon

Georges Nadon is in the first row extreme left. It’s Nadon’s second tour of operations. He would end the war with 277 sorties.

This is Steve Butte again.


Collection Dean Black

This third picture is most interesting.


Collection Dean Black

Most interesting when you compare it with this one.

Pierre Lecoq's Spitfire

North Weald

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