Jean Baptiste Normand Roy – Redux

Réjeanne Roy never met her father who died in 1943. She was only 5 months-old. She only had a small picture and her father’s precious logbook. Now I have received a large file from Archives Canada with her father’s service record in the RCAF. Jean Baptiste Normand Roy has been missing of the coast of Nova Scotia since with another pilot.

RCAF 128 (F) Squadron

The file on Jean Baptiste Normand Roy has arrived…

À la mémoire du
Lieutenant d’aviation
Jean Baptiste Normand Roy
décédé le 17 mai 1943

Service militaire :

Numéro matricule : J/20221
Âge :29
Force :Aviation militaire
Unité :Aviation royale du Canada
Division :128 Sqdn.

Renseignements additionnels :

Fils de Gaudiose et Albina Roy. Fils adoptif de M. et Mme Francis Landry, de Pointe-Verte, Nouveau-Brunswick. Époux de Marie Roy, de Pointe-Verte.

Cimetière :
MÉMORIAL D’OTTAWA; Ontario, Canada
Informations sur la sépulture :
Panel 2. Column 3.

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