About the question on the lettering of JE-J…


In response to the question about the JE-J lettering font…..these markings were applied at unit
level and the correct stencils were not always available, so the erks who did the painting used whatever they had on hand. This was a particular problem with aircraft that switched subordination between groups. For example, 404 squadron shifted several times in 1944 and had to have new unit code letters added each time. Sometimes these were in the same size and fout as the aircraft ID letter, sometimes in a different size and/or a different font.

You can pay a visit to Layne Larsen’s Website.


2 thoughts on “JE-J

  1. Thank you very much for the photo posted showing Johnnie Johnson’s personal Spitfire IX “JE-J”. Can I have some info about it? Like source, time when it was taken….
    Flavio, Italy

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