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Hi Lee Anne,

Yup. It’s me. This article thread is about Uncle Harry, Granny’s brother who died in WWII. It’s fascinatong as there were responses from people whose parents had served with Uncle Harry. He even has a widow in England that our family knew nothing about. I have her contact info and have been meaning to get in touch.
I sent it to Frances.
Blair has my # and so does Frances.
Hope you’re well.
Thx Pierre!

Paying homage to Admiral Byrd

Hello Pierre,

Recently the community placed this memorial in Megchelen (Holland). It is near the Spitfire made the crash. So that everyone can see what its happened almost 70 year ago.
It’s also translated in German, because the crash was on the frontier between German and Holland.

friendly regards,

Hennie Berendsen


Courtesy Hennie Berendsen


People  in Holland  are remembering Hank Byrd.

Hank Byrd

collection Walter Neil Dove via his grandson Greg Bell



Courtesy Hennie Berendsen

Just another group picture?

Think again.

I love this group picture taken late March 1945 at Petit Brogel in Belgium.

403 Petit Brogel March 1945

Loved it so much I added labels.

403PetitBrogleMarch1945_0002 identification

I wanted to use it as a reference tool.

That was before I met virtually Josette Nadon on the Internet. Her father was a Spitfire pilot who was only remembered by a picture and a one liner.

Georges Nadon 122 Squadron

Girlfriends and beer…

Georges Nadon has now his own blog to be remembered…

What kind of motorcycle is pictured here? – Redux

Mark White had some answers…

I don’t think they are the same bikes.

The top one with the clipped wing Spitfire in the back ground is an Ariel.
Similar to this bike with the 403 Squadron Erks.





Gil Gillis

It also makes a cameo appearance here…

403 Petit Brogel March 1945


Tom says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:38 pm
Triumph. Just a guess.

Peter Lecoq says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm
Most probably a Royal Enfield.

A Gray says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:52 pm
I am guessing maybe a Triumph or BSA?

The Rafwaffe – No. 1426 (Enemy Aircraft) Flight

Pierre Lagacé:

Interesting post about the RAFWaffe

Originally posted on Defence of the Realm:

No.1426 Flight was formed on the 21st November 1941 with the task of demonstrating captured enemy aircraft to RAF and allied personnel with the aim of exposing them to their appearance, performance, and even their sound. Based at RAF Duxford all the aircrew involved in flying the captured types had engineering backgrounds so as to help with evaluation of the aircraft. The unit’s first aircraft was a Heinkel He.111 that was shot down over the UK in 1940. Landing relatively intact it was repaired and flown by the unit. Other aircraft included a Bf109 and a Ju88.

Over the course of the war the Flight acquired aircraft through numerous means. Most were the result of the aircraft being damaged in combat with Allied pilots. Some were captured on the ground during the fighting in North Africa and Italy while a handful were effectively “delivered” to the RAF when their pilots landed…

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The Franken-Spitfire

Pierre Lagacé:

Interesting Spitfire

Originally posted on Defence of the Realm:

Spitfire DB605 (1)

Large numbers of aircraft were captured by opposing forces during the Second World War and in some cases these aircraft were airworthy allowing for the captor to assess it’s performance and develop countermeasures. One such aircraft was Spitfire Vb EN830/NX-X which crashed in German-occupied Jersey having been hit by flak over France on November 18th 1942. It’s pilot, Pilot Officer (Sous Lt.) Bernard Scheidhauer of the Free French Air Force, crash landed the aircraft relatively intact in a turnip field and both he and his aircraft were transported back to Germany where he would later be shot for his part in a mass break out of allied PoWs.

The captured EN830 before fitting of the DB 605A-1 engine

The captured EN830 before fitting of the DB 605A-1 engine

With the aircraft repaired the Germans went about assessing it and it’s Merlin 45 engine comparing it to previous captured Spitfire marks and of course to their own Bf109 and Fw190 fighter…

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