Summer of 43

In August 1943 Wally Dove continued his operational training with #1 O.T.U based at Bagotville, Quebec.

Even if he was with B Flight, Wally Dove certainly met O. C. Dennis Connolly who was Officer Commanding of A Flight.

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August 1943…

Interesting to see on this logbook page how hitting the target was somewhat difficult.

2 hits – 600 rounds

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Here is a picture of Harvards and Hurricanes sitting on the tarmac at Bagotville in the summer of 1943.

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This is Hurricane 51 flying over Bagotville…

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Here is a picture of Harvard FE628 in flight.

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Wally finished his operational training on August 25, 1943.

Aug 25 – Hurricane 71 – Self –  Solo – Squadron Balboa – Dusk Landing – 1:30 Lovely Sight – Air Smooth…

collection Walter Neil Dove

It seems like Wally is trying to talk to us about his posting at Bagotville, so please take the time to read all the pages.

On September 14, Walter Neil Dove was a passenger aboard a Douglas Digby that took him from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to Torbay, Newfoudland.

DND Photograph

Walter Neil Dove was joining RCAF No. 128 Squadron, a little known RCAF squadron.

Little known? That was before his grandson shared with us his grandfather’s photo album and logbook, and Wally Dove started recollecting about the war in September 14, 2011.

To learn more about another little known RCAF Squadron, RCAF No. 135 Squadron, click here.

As a footnote to all this Bagotville story, this is a picture I took of the media display last June.

I think I see Dennis Connolly on this picture.

But then I might be wrong…

Dennis Connolly left RCAF No. 130 for RCAF No. 163 Squadron Sea Island on November 16, 1943.

Later  on he joined RCAF No. 135 Squadron at Patricia Bay!

The pilots of 135 Squadron stand before a Kittyhawk
sometime between May 1944 and the end of the war. 

I think I see Dennis Connolly again on this picture.

But I might be wrong… I will have to show him this picture.

Bagotville… Those Who Died

Walter Neil Dove was at Bagotville when a pilot died.

This is a picture of the media display at the museum in Bagotville I visited this summer.

They were just names on a computer screen.

This is the logbook page from July 10 through July 21.

This is the next logbook page from July 21 to July 31, 1943.

collection Walter Neil Dove

Wally Dove did not fly on August 2, but Sergeant I. H. W. Franks from New Zeland course 14 did.

Sergeant Ian Harry Walter, son of Thomas Frederick Franks and of Cora Elizabeth Grey Franks (nee Keig) of Taranaki, New Zealand, while on Rhubarb crashed into Lac. St. Jean.

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Commenced # 1 O.T.U. Flying Bagotville Course 14 P.Q.

Wally Dove commenced his operational training at # 1 O.T.U. Bagotville.

June 29, 1943.

collection Walter Neil Dove

Small world!

Dennis Connolly was there since February 4th 1943. Greg scanned all the logbook pages related to his grandfather’s posting at Bagotville.

Did Dennis Connolly and Walter Neil Dove meet?

Most probably.

Dennis Connolly was O.C. (Officer in Charge) of A Flight. Wally Dove was a pilot with B Flight.

Next time, I will post all the pages Greg scanned with… pictures!

collection Walter Neil Dove

collection Walter Neil Dove

Paying Homage to Dennis Connolly

The Best Kept Secret on the West Island…

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This homage amounts to only one word… recognition.

Dennis Connelly flew probably with this Free French pilot…
Same squadron. He was also at Dieppe.
This video is in French.

Jean Maridor was chasing a V-1 in 1944.
He shot it down when it was falling on a hospital.

On August 3,1944, during one of these dangerous operations Captain Jean Maridor saw a V1 directy falling on a hospital in Benenden. Unable to tilt it with his wing as pilots did, he followed right behind firing at point blank range leaving himself no way out after the V-1 explosion. He sacrificed his life destroying his 6th flying bomb, his disintegrated Spitfire crashing near the hospital he had just saved.