Just another group picture?


Since George Boudreau is on this group picture and he was shot down on March 15, 1945, the group picture is taken before.

Think again.

I love this group picture taken in March 1945 at Petit Brogel in Belgium.

403 Petit Brogel March 1945

Loved it so much I added labels.

403PetitBrogleMarch1945_0002 identification

I wanted to use it as a reference tool.

That was before I met virtually Josette Nadon on the Internet. Her father was a Spitfire pilot who was only remembered by a picture and a one liner.

Georges Nadon 122 Squadron

Girlfriends and beer…

Georges Nadon has now his own blog to be remembered…

What kind of motorcycle is pictured here? – Redux

Mark White had some answers…

I don’t think they are the same bikes.

The top one with the clipped wing Spitfire in the back ground is an Ariel.
Similar to this bike with the 403 Squadron Erks.





Gil Gillis

It also makes a cameo appearance here…

403 Petit Brogel March 1945


Tom says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:38 pm
Triumph. Just a guess.

Peter Lecoq says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm
Most probably a Royal Enfield.

A Gray says:
November 20, 2014 at 2:52 pm
I am guessing maybe a Triumph or BSA?

Lost logbook…

Gil Gillis’ logbook is no where to be found, but we can still find information about his career with the RAF first and then the RCAF.

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His daughter Cathy is a great help.

She sent me this e-mail last week…

I found a certificate listing awards and commendations.  Pilot Flying Badge, C.V.S.M. and  M.L., RCAF Operational Wing, Africa Star and Clasp.  Inside his  address book there are some squadron #’s.  It says for RCAF 61 OTU, 122 Squadron, 145 Squadron, A.D.U.  M.E. Cairo, 22 P.T.C., 244 Wing, 243 Wing, 238 Squadron…
Gil Gillis
I could not wait before going on a search for her father’s whereabouts in WWII with that information.