Spitfire! Redux

Paying homage to Georges Nadon a Spitfire pilot who flew his last mission with 403 Squadron

Pilote de Spitfire - Spitfire Pilot

Dad in Spitfire-2

Collection Georges Nadon via the Nadon family

Where was this picture taken?

St. Eugene, Aylmer, England, Malta, Bagotville, France, Belgium?

Georges Nadon was posted in several places in his military career in WW II, and I intend to tell you all about it.

Every picture will have its own story to tell.

I don’t know who were the two erks hanging on the wings, but I know Georges Nadon is in the cockpit of the Spitfire Mk Vb with the code MT-M.

I also know where he was stationed when this picture was taken with the information I found in his logbook.

Only two original pilots with 122 Squadron survived the war!

This is what was written on this newspaper clippings.

Newspaper clipping modified

I know this image of the newspaper clipping is hard to read, but it’s worth straining your eyes a little just like I did to find out a…

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Georges Nadon and Van Sainsbury

Georges Nadon’s son André sent me this picture among others I will show you later.

Van Sainsbury

Georges Nadon (red circle) and Van Sainsbury (green circle)

Collection Georges Nadon via André Nadon

Georges Nadon has now his own blog, and he won’t be just a name on a group picture taken in March 1945 anymore.

403PetitBrogleMarch1945_0002 identification

Or a pilot behind a mask…

Georges Nadon 122 Squadron

source IWM


Dean Black commented on this picture…

Van Sainsbury

In the group photo, back row, far left is Mac Reeves. Third from left, back row, is Steve Butte with his eyes closes. Back row, far right, is a man named Ken Harvey. Ken’s nickname was “Red”. Ken arrived on 403 Squadron on 04 June 1944 and the first thing he said: “I’m really going to like this Squadron-they put my initials on all the airplanes!”

More Again from Dean Black


Photo # 27 – UK – 20288   PL 43241  5/4/45?

A group of pilots of the RCAF Wolf Squadron, who posed for snapshots on a summery March day before their nissen dispersal hut at the new RCAF airfield in Belgium. 

REAR left to right: 

F/L E.G. Aitchison, Elora, Ont.;

F/O George R. Nadon, Temiskaming, PQ.;

+P/O Steve Butte, DFC., Michel, B.C.;

F/O Andy Birchnall, Stamford Centre, Ont.(adjutant); 

F/O A.J. McLaren, Kenogami, PQ. (21 Price St;

F/O F.S. Gillis, Pense, Sask.;

F/L J.W. Gilmartin, Hamilton, Ont (172 Balmoral Ave);

F/L S.A. Tosh, Almonte, Ont.;

F/L T.S. Todd, Hamilton, Ont (20 Part St. S);

WO1 George V. Boudreau, Lower Wedgeport, Yarmouth City, N.S. (Missing)

Front:  Sgt R.C. Neitz, Framingham USA;

F/O A.V.R. Sainsbury Toronto (106 Lyton Blvd);

F/O David Leslie, Halifax (288 Goddington St);

F/L W.N. Dove, Sarnia, (329 South Mitten St);

F/O John Robert Baker, North Markham, On;

F/L C.J. Tomlinson, Toronto (10 Tichester Rd);

P/O Harold Byrd, Tulsa, Okla (317 West 11th St.) Missing. 

On motorbike, F/L Reg Morris, Windsor Ont (547 Brock)

I believe this picture is part of a series of pictures taken late March 1945. On one of the shots Mac Reeves (arrow) is seen next to Bob Shannon.

Mac Reeves

Mac would die on March 28th, 1945.

Mac Reeves caption

Mac Reeves

Mac Reeves tombstone

Dean Black wrote me this about how Mac Reeves died…

The Caption

Above: Flight Sergeant Georges Nadon of No 122 Squadron was the focus of another photo-story taken at Hornchurch in May 1942. This time, the photographer’s brief was to record the movements of a single pilot over the course of the day. The 27-year-old French-Canadian, seen striking a pose in the cockpit of his Spitfire was asked to list his hobbies. Somewhat predictably, the response was ‘girlfriends and beer’! He survived the war after service on Malta and in northwest Europe.

About 122 Squadron… Click here.

Original picture.

More info here.

Georges Nadon is also mentioned on this Webpage.

Sgt Ribout is 27 years old and on his 5th mission only. His death must have been terrible news to his cousin Sgt George Nadon, who flies in the Red Section of 122 Sqn. alongside Roland on this fateful day. They served together in 122 Sqn. since February 1942.

(Sgt Nadon finishes his RAF career as B F/Lt in December 1945, with 177 missions under his belt.)

I have read somewhere that he flew with 403 Squadron.

This comment from John Engelsted…

Raymond Alexandre Georges Nadon (J/17915) flew with 403 Squadron from June 1944 to September 1945.