Remembrance Day 2020 – The Boys

Remembrance Day Poem by D. Lowrie

Click on the link above.

This group photo was shared by Dorothy, George Dennis Aitken’s daughter. She had named the file the boys.

The Boys

Naming it the boys was quite appropriate because they were all boys.

Last week John Englested added more information about the boys in a comment adding their initials and for some their full name:

Norman V. Chevers – Roman Roy Wozniak – Hugh Constant Godefroy – Norman Ralph Fowlow – Leo Joseph Deschamps – William Thompson Lane – Harry James Dowding – behind Aitken – Thomas Anthony Brannagan – behind – Charles McLaughlin Magwood – A.P.W. Richer – Padre – William George Uttley – behind – N.F. Cottrell and Dean Hugh Dover – H.H. Miller – D.C. Hamilton – Brown

The last one is on this photo on the right…


Dorothy’s father is on the left, then Stanley Messum. This photo was most probably taken at No. 53 OTU according to Stanley Messum’s record of service file.

Dorothy’s poem about the Squadron of Angels says so much about the camaraderie of these young men. Some did not come back from the war.

I knew about Leo Joseph Deschamps and William Thompson Lane and I wrote about William Lane on this blog.

Every year on Remembrance Day people will write a comment on this blog about their relatives they remember. Some came back from the war and some gave their lives fighting against tyranny and oppression.

Most people tend to forget the rest of the year. This is why every chance I get, I will write about the Fallen and let others write about them as Dorothy did on Remembrance Week 2020.


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2020 – The Boys

  1. To Dorothy Lowrie:
    I have a few pics of your father from my Dad’s collection (W.T. Walker – Calgary).
    Let me know how I can pass these on.
    Love your poem.

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