Remembering Charles Olmsted – Update

Thanks to his nephew Ross, Charles Robertson Olmsted will never be forgotten.

Pierre, the pilot seated in the front row on the right is my mother’s brother, Charles Olmsted of Ottawa. He died on May 1, 1944, while serving as an instructor in Bagotville, Quebec.


This search for who was who on this picture started a few years ago.

I only knew Wing Commander Sydney Ford. Last week Charles Robertson Olmsted was added.

This is now the latest version of the colorised photo done by Doug Banks last year. I have added one name.

New version

Four pilots are still waiting for identification. I have a few hints, but I want to check them first.

The pilots are seen here again with all the staff and the ground crew. The date could be also August 21, 1942, two days after the Dieppe raid where three pilots were killed: Walker, Gardiner, and Monchier.
BB2 - HR

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