Remembering Charles Olmsted

Pierre, the pilot seated in the front row on the right is my mother’s brother, Charles Olmsted of Ottawa. He died on May 1, 1944, while serving as an instructor in Bagotville, Quebec.


To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Remembering Charles Olmsted

  1. Pierre;
    Sorry for suggesting that the pilot seated fifth from the right, front row may have been Mitch Johnston.
    I was debating on whether this pilot or the pilot behind Charles Olmsted was Mitch Johnston 8th from the left second row. I’m so glad the mistake has been corrected.

    • I don’t remember you suggesting this Stephen. I will check on it. I am glad we have found Charles Olmsted. How he died in 1944 is somewhat obscure… Ross wrote me yesterday about it.

    • You did Stephen!

      I have been trying to match names to the men not yet listed in the wonderful colourized photo of 403 pilots at Catterick in August 1942. I believe P/O H.J. Murphy is 4th from the left second row. P/O M. Johnston may be 5th from the left first row. I found photos of these two pilots on the site Hope this helps some in completing your research in finding those remaining names.

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