Courtesy Lynn Garrison

Here are two pages from 403 Squadron reports covering the Dieppe Raid.


Lynn Garrison

Lynn Garrison added this group photo taken 1941.

More on Lynn Garrison here…


Lynn Garrison (born April 1, 1937) is a Canadian pilot and political adviser. He was a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot in the 403 City of Calgary Squadron, before holding jobs as a commercial pilotfilm producerdirector and mercenary. Later he became a political adviser in Haiti, and is now an author. With regard to flying, Garrison is known for his oft-repeated comment, “If it has fuel and noise, I can fly it.”0

One thought on “Courtesy Lynn Garrison

  1. Nice to see this group photo of 403 pilots in August 1941. Another story I received from Paul Gilbertson was an incident that occurred with S/L Lee-Knight, F/L Bev Christmas and Syd Ford.
    According to Gilbertson, there was some disagreement between Lee-Knight and Christmas. Gilbertson could not give me details of what the disagreement was about but he said that Ford sided with Christmas and was sent to Debden for reassignment. Gilbertson was on leave at the time which may explain why he is not in this photo. Christmas was also replaced.

    I asked Robert Morrow of the 402 if he knew anything about this incident. He informed me that he did not but that Christmas asked his friend S/L Corbett from the Battle of Britain days with the No. 1 Canadian Squadron if he could help Ford out. Morrow who was F/L of A flight said that Christmas informed him and Corbett that Ford had gotten an unfair deed at the time. Thus the explanation for Ford’s posting to 402 squadron in September 1941. Without Corbett and Christmas’s help, Ford’s career may have ended a lot sooner.

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