Now and then…

Now and then, I come across old images that have been filed away and forgotten. Two such images are attached.

You can use these two from No. 403 [Wolf} Squadron City of Calgary. They came from Lynn Garrison and were the early March 1941 Curtiss Tomahawk fighters.


Clarence Simonsen and I are passionnate about aviation. He is sharing these photos…

5 thoughts on “Now and then…

  1. I have a lot of 403 history and photographs. Many group photos with names. I was with 403 from 1954 till 1964. Lynn Garrison.

  2. Hi Pierre;
    It was great viewing the Tomahawks. In 1978, while researching Syd Ford’s career, I had the fortune of getting in contact with Paul Gilbertson who happened to be Syd’s roommate in the 403 during the spring and summer of 1941. He told me an interesting story about the Tomahawk. He wrote; « 403 was formed on Tomahawks which were built for France with French instruments etc., two fifty calibre machineguns firing thru the propeller and very difficult to cock after take off. Oil tank behind pilot and the cap occasionally came off. It was necessary to make high speed landings as when the tail dropped they were inclined to ground loop. All in all they were a poor aeroplane and it was only a month or so that we switched to Spitfires.« 
    Mr. Gilbertson went on telling the story about the American Col. John Alison having a test dogfight between the Tomahawk and a « beat up old Hurricane«  with the Hurricane out performing the Tomahawk and Col. Alison having to bail out because of engine failure.
    In addition, Hub Zemke mentions in his book Zemke’s Wolfpack, that he visited the 403 at Baginton in mid May 1941 to advise the squadron on maintenance, repair and operational matters. If one reads the 403’s operational records during this period, several landing accidents occurred on Tomahawks.
    I am sure the Canadian pilots were happy when they converted to Spitfires.

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