Flying Officer Stanley Wilbur Matthews

Hi there, I’ve been very interested in the emails that you’ve been sending out lately and I’ve been doing some research into my cousin Stanley W. Matthews who was a Spitfire pilot with 403. He was listed and missing and presumed dead in November of 1943. When I was looking for information on the RCAF Association site, specifically the orders and reports for November of ‘43, it appears that it is the only month that is missing from that year. Do you have any idea why that might be or if there is another place I could look for the details of the squadrons activities and operations for the month that he was killed?


Rick Anthony

First entry in the ORBs of RCAF 403 Squadron for Flying Officer Stanley Wilbur Matthews


F/O S. W. Matthews reported for duty to-day to fly with the squadron.


To be continued…

One thought on “Flying Officer Stanley Wilbur Matthews

  1. With this hint I find more…

    His name is listed here…

    Course 35

    Course 25: April 10 – June 20, 1941
    Wing Commander James presented wings to 38 graduates. Photographers from LOOK magazine covered the event.(J/5783) William Houghton Adams – DFC;
    (J/5784) Harold Wilfred Izzard;
    (J/5785) John Richard Stewart;
    (J/5786) Frank Edward William Statham;
    (J/5787) Sidney Bigman;
    +(J/5788 – R/67652) Earl James McAlpine – 438 Sqn., Walkerville;
    (J/5789) Arthur Edward Fentiman – 424 Sqn.;
    +(J/5790 – R/79685) George Frederick Sanderson – 7 Sqn., Avonlea, Sask.:
    +(J/5791 – R/56306) James Stewart Coulter – 408 Sqn. (Op Mainz), Pointe Claire, Que.;
    +(J/5792) Robert Elmer Drysdale – 114 Sqn., Perth, Ont.;
    +(J/5793) Stanley Wilbur Matthews – 403 Sqn., (FI 11 SF) Ft. Garry, MB
    +(R/74340 – J/14040) Orville Stuart Peck – 414 Sqn., Ottawa;
    L.J. YoungPosted in fromNo. 2 EFTS Ft. William (Course 19): Drysdale; Coulter; McAlpine, MatthewsNo. 6 EFTS (Co. 20): PeckNo. 5 EFTS (Co. 20): Sanderson

    No. 2 EFTS Fort William Course 19

    Click to access 2EFTSftwilliamON.pdf


    19 pupils of Course 17 posted to No. lA Manning Depot, Picton, Ont., the remaining 5 pupils of this course have not completed 50 hour test. R51617 LAC Elliott, T.R. of Course 17 transferred to Course 19 on failing navigation examination. Recreational Committee convened to arrange for proper recreation and sports for the student pilots after working hours and study periods. 5 more pupils of Course 17 posted to No.lA Manning Depot, Picton, Ont. R68723 LAC McGregor W.K. washed out on failing 20 hour test and posted to No.2 Manning Depot, Brandon, Man.,

    R74353 LAC Black, D.E.M. failed 20 hour test and posted to No.2 Manning Depot, Brandon, Man. Flying carried out for 7 hours and lectures were held all day. Course 21 arrived from No.2 I.T.S. Regina. Sask., consisting of 36 pupils, 3 more arrived and added to Course 19.

    March 14 
    Fifty hour tests on Course 19 were carried out all day. One pupil R75584 LAC Karsten, W.C. failed his test and was posted to No.2 Manning Depot.March 18 Flying and lectures continued all day. Fifty hour tests on Course 19 were carried out.

    March 27 The Visiting Flight continued their tests and finally the whole of the instructor staff was assembled in a lecture room for the purpose of discussing elementary flying instruction and receiving some constructive criticism from the Officers of the Visiting Flight and the Chief Supervisory Officer. F/O Leaney came out to the station for a short tine and discussed with the Commanding Officer a few points on local recruiting. F/O Huff completed his tour of inspection on fire hazards and discussed at length, with the Commanding Officer and the Manager of the Civilian Company, the result of his inspection. The state of the trusses in the hangar have shown further signs of splitting and are causing us grave concern. The Commanding Officer reported this matter to the Command who promised to take immediate action. Course No.19 continued with their examinations and news was received that the new course will be arriving on Saturday. Although the departure of Course 19 has not been confirmed it looks as though they
    will definitely be leaving on Saturday. The billiard tournament is getting away with quite a swing and several elimination matches have already been played. The Y.M.C.A. held their Thursday night movie in the recreation room and this was well received as usual. Course 19 decided that they would not have tine for the usual graduation party. Mr. Morgan of the Gyro Club arrived with a representative of the Central News Agency and at last a satisfactory decision was reached regarding a permanent supply of new periodicals. Flt.Lt. Eberle, Station Chaplain, made his usual Thursday visit. The aerodrome held up until approximately 1500 hours but is obviously getting worse as each day passes.

    March 28 
    Examinations still continued today and were completed by Course 19, two pupils having to take supplementals in navigation. Course 19 also completed its flying at this school with an average number of hours of 93 hours and 52 minutes per pupil. The new sewage contract has been placed and men arrived to start work. The Visiting Flight departed at 0900 hours for Winnipeg having completed their work, testing today before their departure, the four instructors that we trained ourselves. The reports on these instructors were quite gratifying. It was decided today to put 12 aircraft on skiis so that operation could continue on the aerodrome which is now rotting considerably. Furthermore, work is progressing on Bishop’s Field so that it may be used for dual instruction of the next course.
    Mr. Shapton of the local War Services Organization, and who was last year’s president, paid a visit with his son P/O Shapton who was trained in the second course at
    this School. This Officer is on a few days leave prior to his reporting to Saskatoon. The work on the enlarged garages and the porches on the hangar continues. Flying was washed at approximately 1200 hour due to unserviceablility of the field.

    March 29 

    Course 19 departed on leave prior to their posting to No.7 S.F.T.S., MacLeod, where they are due to report on the 10th of April. Two students only failed in navigation and have had to stay behind to take the supplemental examination. Course 24 arrived from No. 2 I.T.S. carried out their first air experience flight in the afternoon. One student, a re-selected pilot, arrived from No.2 Manning Depot for further training and was allotted to Course 24, this making a total of 36 in this course. Sgt. Dawson, M.R. was posted to No.2 Manning Depot and departed on the night train. The aerodrome is now getting like a lake but flying is continuing on skiis with Bishop’s Field nearly ready. There was no recreational activities on the station today, it being pass night.

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