F/O K.P. Marshall – Update


Comment on a post dated January 2019

I have been trying to match names to the men not yet listed in the wonderful colourized photo of 403 pilots at Catterick in August 1942. I believe P/O H.J. Murphy is 4th from the left second row. P/O M. Johnston may be 5th from the left first row. I found photos of these two pilots on the site flyingforyourlife.com. Hope this helps some in completing your research in finding those remaining names.

Stephen Nickerson

Original photo

BB1 - HR

Colorised by Doug Banks and posting it on Facebook…



Trying to find who is who…

Help needed to identify the remaining 9 of these 20 airman, mainly Canadian with a few American volunteers

403 Squadron RCAF, at Catterick on 21 August 1942 (update October 7, 2019)

Identified so far:
Standing –
Sgt Victor Nicholas Cabas (USA)
F/Sgt John T Norman (USA)
F/O William Thompson Lane
Sgt Fred Turner
Middle row –
F/O Roy Wozniak
P/O Harry James Dowding
F/O George Dennis Aitken
Front row –
F/L Charles McLaughlin Magwood
F/L Patrick Terrance O’Leary
S/Ldr Leslie Ford
F/L George Urquhart Hill



Add this one…

Flying Officer Ken Marshall

With regards to your July 12, 2018 posting of the 403 squadron in front of a Spitfire (the colourized version of the photo with the men’s names). The man in the second row and second from the right is F/O K.P. Marshall.


403 new

22 thoughts on “F/O K.P. Marshall – Update

  1. Have you seen this before? Could this have been owned by Mr. Aitken’s? I bought it in Edmonton Alberta in a Value Village for about $15.

    On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 12:22 PM RCAF No. 403 Squadron wrote:

    > Pierre Lagacé posted: « Update Comment on a post dated January 2019 I have > been trying to match names to the men not yet listed in the wonderful > colourized photo of 403 pilots at Catterick in August 1942. I believe P/O > H.J. Murphy is 4th from the left second row. P/O M. John » >

  2. Sorry to keep bothering you Pierre. I think I found Sgt. C.F. Sorensen. I believe he is 2nd from left in the third row next to Sgt. Cabas.

  3. Of the remaining five pilots not listed, I have not been able to find pictures to the following pilots I know who served with 403 squadron at that time. Their names are Sgts. H.S. Anderson, M.F. Fletcher, A.L. Hayes, D.L. Rawson, A. Thomas, P/Os C.R. Olmsted, J. Mozolowski, and F/O J. Wiejski. Hopefully, someone can match a face with the above mentioned names in the group picture of 403 at Catterick in August 1942.

  4. Hi Pierre;
    I would like to add two more names to the list I sent on October 8th. They are Sgts. L.C. Barnes and J.A. Dow. Both were serving with the 403 in August 1942. Sgt. H.S. Anderson had broken a shoulder blade on a bad landing a few days before the Dieppe Raid. So it is unlikely that he is in the picture at Catterick. So the remaining four unnamed pilots in the picture would be among the following names: Sgts. M.F. Fletcher, D.L. Rawson, A. Thomas, L.C. Barnes, J.A. Dow, P/Os Olmsted, J. Mozolowski, and/or F/O J. Wiejski. Hopefully, someone will be able to submit another picture to match one of these names like Mr. Howard did with A.L. Haynes. Sorry for the misspelling in the October 8th comment.

  5. Hi Pierre;
    From the website aircrewremembered.com I found a photo of F/O Wiejski and P/O Mozolowski at 58 OTU at Grangemouth, Scotland. I noticed their uniforms had different wing ensigns and hat badges. I believe they were both in the Polish Air Force since both left the 403 and were assigned to 308 Polish squadron later in 1942. Would Polish pilots wear the same hat badges and wing ensigns once assigned to a front line fighter squadron? If so, this would eliminate both pilots in the Catterick photo. F/O Wiejski was killed in action while 308 squadron was carrying out Circus 258 off the Belgium coast. P/O J. Mozolowski survived the war and died on Nov. 22, 1979 at the age of 60. We will remember them!

  6. Hi Pierre;
    I agree that none of the four remaining unidentified pilots match F/O Wiejski’s image. However, I’m not so sure about P/O J. Mozolowski and the pilot officer on the left end of row two. It also seems like this pilot was concealing his shoulder flash from the camera. Notice how it seems to be rolled up so the viewer can not see the nation’s name. Could this have been on purpose?

    I have not been able to find images of the remaining pilots on the list I posted on Oct. 17th. Any suggests of where images could possibly be found?

  7. I found a group photo of the 403 in September 1943 sent to this site by Dean Black on March 9, 2012. Sgt. Barnes is sitting 4th pilot from the left in the front row. Does he match one of the unidentified pilots in the Catterick group photo of August 1942? I am unable to enlarge the Sept. 1943
    picture enough to get a clear look at Barnes’s face. Could he be the pilot standing 5th from the left last row of the 1942 Catterick photo?

  8. Pierre, the pilot seated in the front row on the right is my mother’s brother, Charles Olmsted of Ottawa. He died on May 1, 1944, while serving as an instructor in Bagotville, Quebec.

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