F/O K.P. Marshall – Update


Comment on a post dated January 2019

I have been trying to match names to the men not yet listed in the wonderful colourized photo of 403 pilots at Catterick in August 1942. I believe P/O H.J. Murphy is 4th from the left second row. P/O M. Johnston may be 5th from the left first row. I found photos of these two pilots on the site flyingforyourlife.com. Hope this helps some in completing your research in finding those remaining names.

Stephen Nickerson

Original photo

BB1 - HR

Colorised by Doug Banks and posting it on Facebook…



Trying to find who is who…

Help needed to identify the remaining 9 of these 20 airman, mainly Canadian with a few American volunteers

403 Squadron RCAF, at Catterick on 21 August 1942 (update October 7, 2019)

Identified so far:
Standing –
Sgt Victor Nicholas Cabas (USA)
F/Sgt John T Norman (USA)
F/O William Thompson Lane
Sgt Fred Turner
Middle row –
F/O Roy Wozniak
P/O Harry James Dowding
F/O George Dennis Aitken
Front row –
F/L Charles McLaughlin Magwood
F/L Patrick Terrance O’Leary
S/Ldr Leslie Ford
F/L George Urquhart Hill



Add this one…

Flying Officer Ken Marshall

With regards to your July 12, 2018 posting of the 403 squadron in front of a Spitfire (the colourized version of the photo with the men’s names). The man in the second row and second from the right is F/O K.P. Marshall.


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