A Reader’s Comment About D.F. Small

A D.F. Small of the RCAF was Prisoner No 636 in Camp L6 at Heydekrug in Germany and Stalag 357, Kopernikus – Oerbke. His service number was R/130163 and he is listed as a Warrant Officer 2nd Class.

Where did you find this John?

2 thoughts on “A Reader’s Comment About D.F. Small

  1. Hi there,
    I got the info from “https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/” who have lists of “Imperial Prisoners” held in Italy, Germany and Japan. I paid to join and it was £50 for a year. Except for the odd thing such as lists of prisoners, I have been a little bit disappointed because from my point of view the site contains not much more more than the Commonwealth War Graves Commission does. This is because no records after 1922 can be displayed. To find out about a WW2 RAF career, for example, you have to apply to the relevant RAF department and prove that the person is now dead and that you are his next of kin. On the other hand, I couldn’t really NOT join given that I was investigating 106+ people killed in WW2 !

    Other prisoner info is free at “http://www.rafcommands.com/old-site/air-force-pows/”

    Two other good websites which you probably know are



    For the Navy, try


    (Casualty lists are top right)

    I hope this helps. If you want to know any more about “forces-war-records” just ask!

    Best wishes,


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