Pilot? Visitor?

Curry Family Collection

403 Squadron Spitfire Mk IX in the background.

Most probaby a visitor.

Any idea?

6 thoughts on “Pilot? Visitor?

  1. Hi Pierre;
    I believe S/L Robert Morrow introduced the round red maple leaf insignia for the 402 squadron in March or April 1942. Morrow liked the red and white checker board insignia the Polish squadrons used for identification so he came up with the red maple leaf to identify Canadian squadrons. Syd had served under Morrow in late 1941 and early 1942. He may have liked the concept and introduced Morrow’s created Maple Leaf insignia for his squadron in 1943.

  2. Hi Pierre
    I have entered this picture (citing your blog) on my site: http://www.RCAF111fSquadron.com . It is on the Miscellany page where I am exploring the use of the round red maple leaf insignia on 135 Squadron P-40s. I had only seen this insignia on No. 402 Squadron Spitfire IXs. Your photo is the only one I have seen showing that insignia on another RCAF squadron’s aircraft. I wonder how that insignia came into being , how the decision was made to apply it and how it was applied. There seems to be a quite standard quality to all of the ones I have seen so far. I wonder if it was not painted on but was available as a decal or patch that could be pasted on. Thanks, Pierre, for all of the contributions you have made to my education
    Best regards
    Bill Eull

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