They all need to be remembered

Colorisation by Doug Banks

Research by Doug Banks and Pierre Lagacé

Doug and I believe this picture was taken after the Dieppe raid that occurred 19 August, 1942. Three pilots were killed on that day. These pilots are not on this group photo. They were Gardiner, Monchier and Walker.

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “They all need to be remembered

  1. Keep up the good work Pierre, love to see all this hard work go into the memory of Spitfire pilots, I’m still building models and loving telling the stories of these great Canadians to people in the museum. I’ve been invited to do public speaking to about 10 local groups and I enjoy that very much, have two more presentation for this year, one in Ladysmith and another in Quallicum Beach. My next project is Hap Kennedy. 401 Sqn.

  2. It looks like Mr. Don Howard found the identity of the 3rd pilot from the left last row next to Frank Sorensen. Albert L. Haynes. The pictures he has on Haynes seem to match the picture of that pilot in the August 1942 Catterick 403 group photo.

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