A Little Help from the 403 Squadron Operational Record Books

I found the 403 Squadron ORBs on the Internet…
First page is here.

I jumped to August 1942
I was looking for who else might be on this photo which Doug and I think was taken on August 21, 1942 two days after the Dieppe raid since Gardiner, Monchier and Walker, who were killed on August 19, are not on this group photo.


Three more are now going to be added by Doug.
I found this one using the ORBs.Hill

Flight Lieutenant George Urquhart Hill DFC and Bar

I also found this one.Cabas

Sergeant Victor Cabas.

More on him here.
Doug found Flight Sergeant J.T. Norman.Norman

How did he die?
9 more to go with your help and this list of 403 Squadron pilots who flew with 403 Squadron from 19 August to 31 August 1942…

19 August 1942, first sortie…19 August 1942-1

S/L Ford (on the group picture)
P/O Olmsted
P/O Gardiner (killed at Dieppe)
F/L Hill (on the group picture)
Sgt Fletcher
P/O Johnston
F/L O’Leary (on the group picture)
Sgt Cabas (on the group picture)
P/O Walker (killed at Dieppe)
P/O Murphy
P/O Aitken (on the group picture)
P/O Monchier (killed at Dieppe)19 August 1942-2

To be transcribed later…

19 -20 August 1942 - 1

21- 22 August 1942 - 1

22- 24 August 1942 - 1

24- 26 August 1942 - 1

27- 28 August 1942 - 1

28- 31 August 1942 - 1

3 thoughts on “A Little Help from the 403 Squadron Operational Record Books

    • 425 Squadron is also my main interest. I knew about that Website, but this particular story I hadn’t read. There were so many untold stories that thanks to the Internet are now well documented.

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