3 thoughts on “The Canadians at Kenley

  1. I seem to think that in England the Spitfire of Johnnie Johnson was the individual chosen to be the Airfix model. I’m reasonably certain of that, and I made quite a few!

  2. That’s a good site and a nice tribute to RCAF 403 Squadron at Kenley during the war.They asked my permission to post my dad’s picture of Johnson’s Spitfire JEJ that’s on Pierre’s Blog. I said that would be fine if they gave my dad credit and mention Pierre’s Blog as a source. There appears to be not many picture’s of JEJ in existence. The JEJ font on my dad’s picture is totally different from what is depicted on the Airfix and other models -including all the flying JEJ Spits and replicas I’ve seen pictures of.

    • I had seen your father’s name. I intend to pay homage to all the “erks” seen on Robert Brookes’ photos and share those related to Kenley.

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