Contact – Paying homage to an airframe mechanic and his pilot

Hello, my father (Sgt Robert Brookes) was in the 403 from 41 or 42 to when his 5 years were up just before the war ended. He was an airframe mechanic and trained in St. Thomas before being shipped over.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of pictures. But in an interesting coincidence the first picture link (below) seems to be of LeClare Walker who I saw on your blog, so it is possible then that my father was his mechanic.

The second is a not very good picture of my father in uniform.

The third is a Hawker Typhoon at night.




To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Contact – Paying homage to an airframe mechanic and his pilot

  1. It is so great to see these pictures.

    My dad “Chuck” C. Alec Woods – the C stood for Charles – was an Erk and is standing beside Robbie who is circled in a picture as you scroll down. I recently learned they nicknamed your father Robbie so that he wouldn’t be confused with Cliff Robb another Erk and good friend of my Dad’s.

    Everyone of course had nicknames. Another one of my Dad’s great friends was “Goose” – his real name was Henry Gosling he was from Lucky Lake Saskatchewan. My Dad was not called his first name – Charles so whenever anyone called our house decades later and asked for Chuck we knew as kids they were my Dad’s friends from the war.
    We have no pictures of my Dad in the war – so seeing this one was very special.
    Thank you for posting these pictures and the memories. Marilyn
    Marilyn Neufeld BScN, MHSc, CPCC Leadership | Business Coach Strategic Choice Centre of Excellence for Executive Women Leadership (905) 521-9558 Assistant Clinical Professor Faculty of Health Sciences McMaster University @Wisdom2Lead_ | LinkedIn

  2. Another mystery solved – Goose! Henry Gosling from Robbie’s poem about Robert Charles (Bob) Medforth’s death on January 1 1945.

    He gave his all and asked for naught
    A hero to us all
    “Where’s Robert, where is Goose and George”
    Of death he had no fear.

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