Ammo from the crash site

A reader pointed out that there are three types of ammo. All three can’t belong to Hank Byrd’s Spitfire.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Ammo from the crash site

  1. Of course not! The blue tip (.50 calibre) and the large one (20 mm) are from Byrd’s Spitfire. The other one is from a rifle!!

  2. Hello Pierre

    The ammo with the bleu dot(.50) and the 20mm certainly belongs to Hank Byrd Spitfire !! I found a lot it on the crach site(20mm are dangerous)!!!

    The ammo on the top .303 I think not. There is enough of that in the forest.

    We are also busy setting up the displaycase. When it is ready I will send a photo.

    Gr. Ronny

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