No.9 SFTS Summerside Course 17

1941 03 PEI

March 1941

1941 03 PEI (2)

Back of photo

About this class, I found more information on this Website.



Instructors with whom Ted Turner flew when he was posted with No. 9 SFTS

P/O Leeper
F/Lt Jonston 
Sgt. Osbourn 
Sgt. Brown 
Sgt. Reade
F/O Gilchrist.    Inst. Test
F/O Gibson.       NAV Test
Sgt. Maffre
C/O. F/Lt Stephenson. Final Test


One thought on “No.9 SFTS Summerside Course 17

  1. The names of trainees (

    Back Row L to R: +(J/5225) Frederick Arthur Scott – 30 Sqn., Montreal; Fred Fell Pease, Victoria*; (J5221) Arni Gregg Arnason, Riverton, MB; Jack Tarnow, Toronto*; +(J5233) Henry ‘Hank’ Birkland – POW 72 Sqn. – executed; (798518 – 143674) Eric Martin Gosse, Spaniard’s Bay, Newfoundland*; (798532) Hubert Blackall ‘Herb’ Morgan, St. John’s, Newfoundland*; (R/67059) William Harry Stephenson – DFM 213 Sqn. PoW, Belleville, Ont.*; +(R/64800 – J/16953) John Preston Barlow – 419 Sqn., Wellington, P.E.I.; +(R/69771) Melville Spencer ‘Bud’ Lee, – 213 Sqn., Owen Sound*; Peter Palmer, Bedford, Que.; F. Ian Gilbert, Asbestos, Que.; +(R/62799) Joseph Fernand Paul Vezina – 419 Sqn., Shawinigan Falls, Que.; W.Z. Woods, Halifax; McQuade, Fredericton; Vern Rutherford*; P.D. Meyers, Vancouver*; John “Red” Conover, Windsor, Ont.*; +(J5234) Robert Alfred ‘Count’ Haywood – 19 Sqn., Vancouver*; Sgt. Filler, +(798501) Lawrence Banikhin – 136 Sqn., St. John’s, Nfld.

    Middle Row: (798548 – 143675) Rex Tilley, Elliston, Newfoundland*; +(J/15048) Edward Henderson ‘Ted’ Viens – 113 Sqn., Ottawa; +(J/5226) Norman Nelson Powell – 12 Sqn., Montreal; W. D. Clarke, +(798550 – 146339) Walter Cyril Vatcher – DFC 174 Sqn., Rose Blanche, Newfoundland; (R/54372) Thomas Jackson Layne *; +(R/62632) James Francis Paul Stuart, Cornwall, Ont.; +(R/67563) Frank Pikula – 419 Sqn., Windsor*; John ? Timmins, (J/5222) G. Parker Aitken; Clifford Thorpe – PoW; (R/64429) Fred George Turner – 19/403 Sqns., Acton, Ont.*; +(R/54365) William Robert Finlay, Ottawa; (798519) John Gordon ‘Jack’ Green, St. John’s, Newfoundland; +(J/27053) Gerdan Frederick Snyder, Kingston*; C.E. Brown, Moose Jaw; (J/15538) Fred Alexander Ashbaugh – DFC 104 Sqn., Vancouver; Grant R. Bishop – 30 Sqn., Montreal; George Gerald Bate – 30 Sqn., Saskatoon; +(R/59759) Albert Samuel Hemphill, Winnipeg

    Front Row: +(J/15314) Robert Bruce ‘Duke’ McIntyre, Kamloops, B.C.*; +(R/56347) Archibald Boyd Cameron – 37 Sqn. DAF, Verdun, Que.; Donald William Quinlan, Grand Falls, Nfld.*; N. Burden, Medicine Hat; +(J/5227) William Beaumont Brown – 408 Sqn., Victoria*; (R/54486) George J. Gauthier, Kirkland Lake; +(R/65339) Charles Withers McLeod Burns – 229 Sqn., Lancaster, New Brunswick; (J/14864) Lloyd William Brown, Winnipeg; J. Watts, Morden, MB; (R/65355) Daniel William ‘Danny’ Almon – PoW 274 Sqn., Sydney, N.S.; (J/39855) Kenneth Armond Galloway – PoW 261 Sqn., Milton, Ont.*; (R/68124) Guy G. Peters, Chatham, Ont.*; (798526) William James Learning, St. Johns, Nfld.*; +(798504 – 102062) Arthur Brown – 258 Sqn., St. John’s, Nfld., +(R/66160) Kenneth Lindsay Shonk – 59 OTU, St. Catharines, Ont. *; (J/5228) John Carson Lee, +(J/5224) John Cayley Wilson – 408 Sqn., Toronto/Aylmer West, Ont.*; Thomas James Murray Reid, Leamington *; (R66043) Roswell Frank ‘Strip’ Tees – 59 OTU interned in Ireland 1941-3, Thorold, Ont.*; Alexander ‘Alec’ Moran, Windsor

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