Fred George Turner’s Photo Collection

Fred Turner earned his wings at No. 9 SFTS Summerside. His son sent me these exclusive photos to share with my readers.

Harvard P.E.I.

1940q P.E.I (3)

1940q P.E.I (1)

I wonder if his log book shows who pranged those Harvards.

These should be great photos to colourise on my spare time. I could not resist starting with this one…

Harvard colourised version


Instructors with whom Ted Turner flew when he was posted with No. 9 SFTS

P/O Leeper
F/Lt Jonston 
Sgt. Osbourn 
Sgt. Brown 
Sgt. Reade
F/O Gilchrist.    Inst. Test
F/O Gibson.       NAV Test
Sgt. Maffre
C/O. F/Lt Stephenson. Final Test


8 thoughts on “Fred George Turner’s Photo Collection

  1. My father was an electrician with No 9 Service Flying Training School, Summerside, P.E.I. from 28 Dec 1940 to 20 May 1942

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