Alaska 1942-1943 – More sharing by François Dutil


S/L FG Grant DSO DFC, CO 118 (F) SQN 28 February 1943 to 12 October 1944.
Annette Island Alaska.


S/L Art Yuile, CO 118 (F) SQN June 1942 to February 1943, on his personnal mount.
Annette Island Alaska


118 (F) SQN RCAF June 1942, Alaska.


118 (F) SQN newly arrived at Annette Island Alaska. June 1942. The two Hudsons in the line up accompanied them all the from Dartmouth NS for their cross country trek.


Pilots of 118 (F) SQN, Annette Island Alaska spring 1943.

CO S/L FG Grant sitting at center. He will take the unit to the UK for conversion to the Hawker Typhoon. He will command the renumbered unit (438) until promoted to W/C taking over 143 Wing RCAF (438, 439 & 440 SQNs) earning a DSO and a DFC. On his immediate left and right, two more pilots who will command 438 on Typhoons, both losing their lives in the process.


Kittyhawk with Hudsons in the background


Gun harmonizing. 118 (F) SQN.
Alaska 1942/43.


118 (F) SQN ops begin.
Annette Island Alaska, June 1942.

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