Buzz with 403 Squadron

I have started reading Sniper of the Skies.


There is precious information about RCAF 403 Squadron when Buzz Beurling was attached first to that squadron.

The sergeant-pilots were billeted in a house close to the airfield, where Beurling shared a room with Flight Sergeant ‘Art’ Monserez. 

Three days after Beurling’s arrival, the Air Officer Commander 11 Group, Air ViceMarshal Leigh-Mallory, visited the Squadron, pausing to talk to the pilots and 
Reporting to Martlesham Heath, Beurling was escorted to the CO’s office by the Squadron Adjutant. Squadron Leader A.G. ‘Pinky’ Douglas, DFC, had led the unit since 30 September 1941, and was one of the few non-Canadian pilots on the Squadron. Beurling later recalled how at their first meeting, Douglas had flicked though his log book, pausing to read his assessments and to remind the young Canadian: ‘Here you’ve got to obey orders and fly how you’re told.’ 

Beurling was informed that he was to be assigned to ‘B’ Flight, which at the time included amongst its members: 

Flying Officer R.R. Gillespie (flight commander) 
Flight Sergeant Larry Somers 
Pilot Officer William Forsythe ‘Bill’ Munn 
Pilot Officer N.D.R. ‘Norm’ Dick 
Flight Sergeant Arthur Joseph ‘Art’ Monserez 
Sergeant D.C. ‘Don’ Campbell 
Sergeant Ken Collison 
​Sergeant Crawford Sergeant A.J. Schmitz 

‘A’ Flight, meanwhile, was composed of: 
Flight Lieutenant J.C.P. ‘Timber’ Wood (English) 
Pilot Officer H.H. ‘Mac’ McDonald 
Pilot Officer John N. Cawsey 
Pilot Officer C.M. Magwood 
Pilot Officer J. Parr 
Pilot Officer Johnny Baptiste Bernard Rainville 
Flight Sergeant George Albert ‘Rick’ Ryckman 
Sergeant Hugh Belcher 
Sergeant Eric Ambrose ‘Junior’ or ‘Crisy’ Crist 
Sergeant Hubbard 
Sergeant O’Neil 
Sergeant L.A. Walker 

One name was familiar.

So I Googled his name.

Lo and behold!

Click here.

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